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The JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Excercise

Oct 29th 2012

BACKGROUND The Fitness Trampoline by JumpSport is an at-home workout option that includes a mobile mini trampoline and DVD workouts that correspond with it. The workouts are demonstrated … read more

Love For Letterboxing!

Sep 24th 2012

As a mom, I see my fair share of playgrounds each week and to be perfectly honest, after almost six years of frequenting these structures, I find them absolutely boring.  Now don’t get me wrong, … read more

A Look at Competitive Trampolining

Sep 5th 2012

Since school started, my house has become the neighborhood hang out. It’s not because we have great snacks or cool video games, no, it’s because we have two trampolines in the backyard that the kids f … read more
Let’s Travelcise!

Let’s Travelcise!

Jul 8th 2012

Travelcise: Travel-sized Workouts Anyplace, Anytime!According to the newspapers, travel among Americans is up. Summer is traditionally the season for families to drive or fly to national parks, visit … read more
Maximize Results With JumpSport’s PlyoFit

Maximize Results With JumpSport’s PlyoFit

Feb 23rd 2012

When one thinks of California, it’s easy to think of innovation.  With fashion, board sports, software, and fresh approaches to exercise, California seems to be an estuary for new ideas, a b … read more

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