Heart Benefits of Rebounding

Feb 14th 2018

We understand matters of the heart... that is the heart benefits of rebounding! Bouncing on a mini-trampoline is one of the best ways you can exercise your heart. Rebounding is a safe, low impact, aerobic exercise that burns more calories than jogging and will get your heart pumping but leave you energized after a workout.

Live Longer

Researchers found that women who exercised at least four times per week with intensity could extend their lives and reduce their risk of premature death by 30%.

Stimulates The Lymph

It’s about time we gave the lymphatic system some love. Unlike the heart which is the pump of our circulatory system, the lymphatic system has no pump! Rebounding, or jumping, pumps and stimulates the flow of the lymphatic fluids which flushes out nasty toxins that get trapped in our bodies.

Has Anti-Aging Benefits

Did you know the pumping force of the heart decreases by 8% per decade in adulthood? Lung capacity decreases, muscles lose strength, reaction time slows, and bones lose their mineral content as we get older. Rebounding stimulates your heart, lungs, and bones resulting in a fun exercise that can help halt or at least significantly slow this aging process and keep your body feeling younger.


Other health benefits include decreased joint pain, decrease in headaches, reducing inflammation in joints, and reducing swelling caused by lymphedema. See our entire list of health benefits that also include better sleep, decreased stress, overall mind and body wellness.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Exercise is a stress reliever but rebounding specifically can lower your blood pressure by increasing red blood cell count and allowing oxygen to move faster through the body.

Stronger Heart

Aerobic exercise on a fitness trampoline strengthens heart muscles and improves cardiovascular performance. This allows you to reach your target zone faster and stay in the zone with less stress on your body. Your heart can pump more blood with fewer beats which means you can lower your resting heart rate. Regularly working your heart harder during exercise improves its overall function so that it doesn’t have to work as hard during your normal activities.

Health benefits of rebounding for your heart infographic

Jumping on a mini trampoline will significantly improve your health and more importantly, target muscles other workouts can't. Your heart is a major muscle that needs to be exercised. Major organs like the heart and brain, and important systems like the lymphatic system, are all being exercised during rebounding, which no other type of exercise can provide. 

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