No More Weight Loss Resolutions!!

No More Weight Loss Resolutions!!

Jan 6th 2011

New Years resolutions including diet and going to the gymI have always been a voluptuous girl and proud of it, but as life handed me lemons in the forms of divorce and the loss of my Father in the past three years, it turns out my lemonade ingredients consisted of lemons covered in ice cream & chocolate, and I am now obese.   I need to make a change, but I refuse to spend another year making myself miserable resolving to be a size 1 by summer! It didn’t happen last year or the year before that, but I am determined to have a different plan!

This year I am going to gently change some things I do on a daily basis for the long run like exercising daily, playing outside with my daughter and meal planning.  The harsh realization I had is I need to be working towards a healthy weight “forever.”   Yes, forever.  I have a genetic make up that enables me to survive a famine off my body fat (that is seriously what a doctor told me), but the truth is I don’t need to have that survival amount surpass six months of living.  I am going to gently change my mindset and activities in my life; that is my plan.

I have a job that I love, an awesome boyfriend (who is a personal trainer & loves me for me), and wonderful friends & family to support me.  But the greatest reason for my change for life is I have an incredible little girl that needs me to love myself and stay healthy.  I am a single Mother, and I need to be the best example I can be for her, and although I may never be a runway model, I am always a role model for my daughter.

What is my New Years Resolution for 2011?  To love myself and be happy that I am blessed in my life!  (Okay, okay….  Yesterday I did start calorie counting and jumping with my daughter on the trampoline too ;o)Be happy rainbow image