Laughing is Healthy!

Oct 7th 2012

Woman laughing while it hurts

Laughing While It Hurts: Giggling Your Way to Healthy

Laughing is healthy, in fact, 'laughter is the best medicine.'  We've all heard this, haven’t we? As I have had the opportunity to grow older and wiser, I now listen to endemic words of wisdom such as these with appreciation.  Often these expressions are centuries old and with such history; they come to define humanity and the collective experience we share during our time here.

For some recent difficult events in my life,  my mother and best friend provided solace, lended an ear, and gave energizing pep talks.  She made me feel more grounded during this turbulent period of my life, and several weeks ago, she brought over the movie, Bridesmaids.  We turned it on together and laughed and laughed and laughed! We rewinded, slo-mo’ed and even turned on the subtitles to reap the richness of the acting and writing.  We roared, howled as some folks say.  Since that time, I have re-viewed Bridesmaids almost every night, sometimes in its entirety and sometimes by scene.  I’ve even taped my favorite scenes onto my phone, so I can laugh on the fly!

My aunt went through breast cancer several years ago.  That woman made it loud and clear that she was going to laugh her way to healthy and by golly, she did! She watched a comedy every night and listened to it during the day.  Today she is glowing.

A comprehensive article in Pscyhology Today, “Laughter: The Best Medicine" by Hara Estroff Marano, gives us the physiological and psychological break down of how laughing is healthy and helps our bodies, minds, and spirits.  It’s a fascinating read that exposes the wonders of giggling it up; for example, laughing lowers glucose levels and is a superfood for the heart and brain.

Painful times, times of disease, are taxing on the body.  Mental stress can take its toll.  By buying into that ancient adage, “Laughter is the best medicine," I think you will find a powerful tonic to aid in your healing process.

That’s all for now; time to hit play on “Bridesmaids!"

Wishing you knee-slappin’, eye-watering laughter everyday! Remember, Laughing is healthy!

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