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Heart Benefits of Rebounding

Feb 14th 2018

We understand matters of the heart... that is the heart benefits of rebounding! Bouncing on a mini-trampoline is one of the best ways you can exercise your heart. Rebounding is a safe, low impact, a … read more

3 Core Exercises You Can Do on a Trampoline

Apr 13th 2016

Core Exercises have never been so fun! Whether you’re trying to get your beach body ready or you’re just looking to invest your time in a strength-building routine, here are some of the best core e … read more
To Get Results, You Have to Raise the Bar!

To Get Results, You Have to Raise the Bar!

Mar 29th 2011

By Heidi Lauckhardt-RhoadesFor the next two blog entries, I’m going to focus on being mindful of our progress, in this case, our wellness progress. Take for a moment your exercise routine - you run fi … read more

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