3 Core Exercises You Can Do on a Trampoline

Apr 13th 2016

Woman exercising her core with a backyard trampoline

Core Exercises have never been so fun!

Whether you’re trying to get your beach body ready or you’re just looking to invest your time in a strength-building routine, here are some of the best core exercises you can do on a trampoline. Your child's backyard trampoline might be one of the best ways for you to tone your tummy and strengthen your core.

1. Warming up with simple jumping jacks

You don’t have to be a pro athlete to figure out this simple cardio-boosting, toning move. Warm up for your exercise routine by starting with simple jumping jacks. According to Livestrong, jumping jacks will increase your heart rate (cardio) and help you start burning calories, which is a necessary step to “burn away fat pockets covering your abs.” In fact, it’s a common misconception that you can target fat in certain parts of your body by focusing your exercise there directly. Instead, it’s important to find ways to increase your heart rate and burn calories so that your body can tone up. Lucky for you, the next few tips will follow suit as well.

2. Jump-and-tuck

The jump-and-tuck is a great way to get your blood flowing while also targeting and strengthening your core body. Start this exercise by standing in the center of the trampoline with your hands at your sides. From there, jump high in the air, pulling your knees to your chest. Wrap your arms around your knees or grab your ankles with your hands, releasing before you land back on the trampoline.

3. Strength-building skill bounce

To successfully complete a power bounce, start by sitting down on your trampoline (doesn’t sound so bad, right?). In one swift motion, you’ll need to pop yourself up so that you’re standing. As you pop into standing position, reach your arms one at a time, left, then right, then left across your body, repeating with each jump. You’ll start to feel the burn as you repeatedly jump up and reach across your body meaning you’re doing a great job building your body’s strength.

Feel the burn while having fun!

Turn on the tunes and tumble onto your trampoline for a fun workout! If you’re still looking for more ways to burn calories and build your core on a trampoline and need a more visual representation, try checking online for video tutorials. There are plenty to go around, and you’ll feel yourself getting stronger the more you use them.

Trampolines offer a fun and fresh way to build your strength. No more spending countless, boring hours in the gym. Whether you prefer a backyard trampoline or a small fitness trampoline, there are options for everyone. Browse our shop or contact us today to find the right trampoline for you and your family.