JumpSport Games 2023: Celebrating "The Ultimate Bouncer" and Empowering Women in Monterrey, Mexico

JumpSport Games 2023: Celebrating "The Ultimate Bouncer" and Empowering Women in Monterrey, Mexico

Posted by JumpSport Marketing Team on Nov 13th 2023

MONTERREY, Mexico – November 4, 2023 – In a history-making event, the JumpSport Games 2023 proudly crowned "The Ultimate Bouncer" at the inaugural bounce fitness competition, held exclusively for women. This groundbreaking competition, hosted on November 4, 2023, marked a significant milestone in the world of trampoline fitness. Women from diverse fitness backgrounds came together to compete and celebrate their strength, balance, agility, and coordination.

The JumpSport Games challenge women to push their limits and support one another on their journey to claim the gold. Participants showcased their skills in seven trampoline circuits, and the top five contestants who completed all circuits in the shortest time advanced to the finals. The ultimate champion, who triumphed in the finals round with the fastest time, was awarded a prestigious cash prize, a "gold" trampoline, and the coveted title of "The Ultimate Bouncer."

Notable brands in the fitness trampoline community, including FIT 7/8 Method by Andrea Peña, JumpIt by Tania De Alba, and Barralates by Maria Del Mar, played a pivotal role in making the JumpSport Games 2023 a resounding success. Their expertise and support were instrumental in providing an exceptional experience for participants and spectators alike.

Every participant received a complimentary JumpSport Games Kit, ensuring they were well-equipped for the competition. Friends and family were invited to join the excitement, offering their enthusiastic support to the athletes as they pursued victory. The event was enhanced by a live DJ set, a selection of healthy snacks, and numerous giveaways that added to the vibrant atmosphere of the JumpSport Games 2023.

“It was a memorable experience that filled us with energy and motivation,” commented Andrea Peña, founder of FIT 7/8. “Seeing women give their all in a high-level fitness competition was super inspiring, and the best thing was seeing how we all supported each other by cheering each other on.” She says excitedly. “This was an incomparable event that has to be repeated year after year for the union of all the BOUNCERS!”

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