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EnduroLast Cords (Set of 36)

EnduroLast PRO Cords
call support for red 3-knot options
*The 2 knot extra firm cords are not for PRO models. See chart below.


Jumping never felt so good!

EnduroLast Elastic Cords deliver the smoothest, deepest, and most supportive low-impact bounce on the market. These are highly advanced bungee cords, uniquely formulated to stretch 2x resting length, compared to standard bungees that only stretch as little as 1.25x resting length. We use either 55 ft or 66 ft of elastic cord on every trampoline, whereas low-cost, similar-sized competitor trampolines may have only 15 ft of bungee. The extended elasticity, combined with the longer length of our EnduroLast Elastic Cords, reduces the stress on the bungee material so our cords last significantly longer than trampolines with lower quality, shorter bungees.

Upgrade Your Trampoline

Colored cords are available in 4-knot options. This Set of 30 cords will fit on any 39" or 44" JumpSport Fitness Trampoline that uses a mat with 36 connectors. With adjustable 4-knot cords you can choose the tension that is best for you and even elongate the life of your cords. 

Please refer to Cord Compatibility Guide for selecting fitness trampoline replacement cords. Options above are for complete set of 36 PRO adjustable elastic cords used on PRO and 44" models: 350 PRO, 370 PRO, 550F PRO, and 570 PRO.

Cord Compatibility Chart
Replacement bungee cords have a 1 year warranty against manufacturer's defects.

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