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Why Shop? Swap! Back to School Tips!

Aug 24th 2012

All around the US, children and their parents, teachers, and mentors are ramping up for the beginning of the 2012/2013  school year.  Some schools, like ours' in south Florida, … read more

Can the Olympics Inspire a Generation?

Aug 15th 2012

Turn on your TV or visit your internet browser homepage and there is  bound to be news of the Olympics.  The number of sports is astounding!  The theme of this year's Summer Olympics is … read more
Michelle Hanlon-Mascari

Michelle Hanlon-Mascari

May 29th 2012

An Interview with Michelle Hanlon-Mascari, Master JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Instructor This week I had the opportunity to have a “walk and talk” with Master JumpSport Fitness™ Tramp … read more
National Dance Week: Move Your Body Freely

National Dance Week: Move Your Body Freely

May 1st 2012

Last week was National Dance Week and thousands of classes across the nation took part in celebrating the art of dance, so in case you missed out, read on! Dance by its very nature is ex … read more
Nutrition Series, 3 Vegetarianism

Nutrition Series, 3 Vegetarianism

Apr 5th 2012

Nutrition, Article 3 Vegetarianism & Vegan Eating Styles, with Brandi Thompson, RD In this third installment focusing in our nutrition series in honor of National Nutrition Month, we a … read more