Newlyweds Build Bouncy Traditions

Newlyweds Build Bouncy Traditions

Jan 3rd 2011

2010 was the year of the weddings for us! Not only did we get married in June, but three of our best friends also got hitched this year. We made trips to Southern California, the Midwest, and the Northeast. We were very excited to find out that our Santa Barbara friends were making the trek up to the SF Bay Area for New Years with us!

When Jen and Court arrived on New Year's Eve, we listed off some things we could do during the weekend. Court said with a big smile, "I just can't wait to jump on the trampolines!" I laughed out loud. As the daughter of the CEO of JumpSport, my life has been full of trampolines, literally. Forget nice green grass covering the backyard, we had eight, 14 ft backyard trampolines behind our house. Throughout my childhood, my dad and fellow engineers developed the first trampoline safety enclosure. Even during my teenage years, we had all sorts of trampolines lined up in the backyard. I just couldn't believe, that in my mid-twenties, my friends were still excited about jumping on trampolines!

My husband and I live next to my parents and we share the same backyard. Now there are "only" two well-loved trampolines back there. We had loads of fun with Jen and Court playing on them, regardless of the fact that everything was drenched from the rainy weekend. Fond memories returned as we played one of our classic games as kids: 2 trampolines side-by-side, 2 teams, and 3 balls.  Points are scored by throwing balls over the safety nets and hitting the other team's trampoline mat. Points are lost if the balls go out. Despite our valiant efforts, the husbands won both games, but we all had a blast! A fun and delicious dinner together

It was the perfect activity before they left for the long, but beautiful drive down Highway 101. After they left, I reflected on all the fun we had, and our talks about married life and family. We kept up some of Jen's and Court's family traditions with bowling and fondue on New Year's Eve.  We also indulged in the candy left on the Christmas tree while playing card games inside by the fire - my husband's family tradition. And perhaps we all started a new tradition of rainy day Frisbee golf, complete with "hazards" (that I managed to hit almost every time). As for me, I realized that jumping on the trampolines was one of my family's greatest traditions, and by far the most-loved activity at our home. Someday, I hope that our children will play with Jen and Court's for hours on the trampoline just like we did. I also hope that I can still do a back flip like my mom, and that my husband will be as awesome as my dad at "The Bucking Bronco." :)

We can't wait to have Jen and Court back up here to jump on the big trampolines with us.  But for now, both couples are excited to use their JumpSport Fitness Trampolines in their cozy homes -- bringing bounce and joy into their newlywed adventures! Happy 2011!Both couples will be using JumpSport Fitness trampolines in their homes

By Johanna Bless