How to Workout in Under 500 Square Feet

Oct 19th 2015

Home exercises for small spaces

How To Workout in Under 500 Square Feet: big possibilities for staying fit in a small space

You live in a shoebox. And while you love your apartment or cozy home, the reality is that it’s tiny. There’s just enough room for you and your belongings, and not much else. Especially not bulky exercise equipment. And while many folks use “not enough space” as a solid reason for not working out, we’re here to tell you that you can get a great workout in your apartment, RV or any cozy space you inhabit.

Check out these 5 pieces of exercise equipment that will not only fit in a small space, they’ll help you sweat your way to fitness.

  1. Doorway pull-up bar

Doorway pull-up bar

Easy to mount and easy to store, doorway pull-up bars were designed with small spaces in mind. And the best part—you can work out your arms, abs, shoulders and core.

  2. Resistance Bands

Resistance bands

There are dozens of exercises you can do with resistance bands and they’re so small you can throw them in a drawer! Perfect for strength training, whole body exercises and as a way to ramp up your usual routine, there’s no doubt that your figure (and big toes) will thank you.

  3. Dumbbells


Choose a lighter weight to start if you’ve never lifted before, then build up as you increase your strength. Perfect for working out arms, abs and doing exercises like weighted squats and lunges, they’re awesome for an apartment workout. Adjustable dumbbells are also available that allow you to change the weight. And they’re small enough to live under your bed or in your closet, especially helpful for your workout in under 500 square feet!

  4. Yoga Mat & Medicine Ball

Yoga mat and medicine ball

There are so many exercise possibilities when you have a yoga mat and a medicine ball. Both are relatively inexpensive and can again, can be stowed away under the bed or in a closet. From toning your arms and legs to building your core and practicing balance, these two together or even apart are ideal for working out in small spaces.

  5. Mini-Trampoline

Folding fitness trampoline

Low impact and lots of fun, trampoline exercises, also call rebounding, are a great way to burn calories, increase aerobic fitness and build endurance. Watch TV, listen to music and get bouncing! And a mini-tramp can be stored under a bed or coffee table so when you’re not using it, it’s out of sight and not cluttering up your apartment. There are also folding options available including models where the legs fold down; a truly compact design; JumpSport folding Fitness Trampoline.

Living in a small space doesn’t mean you have to give up getting in shape and staying fit. All of these items are compact and can be easily stored in your apartment. And all of the exercises you can do with them won’t cause too much noise, so you won’t have to worry about disturbing your downstairs neighbors or sleeping children either.