How to Stay Active When It’s Cold Outside

Feb 3rd 2016

Kids sledding in winter

Shivering can burn 100 calories in 15 minutes, but who needs the discomfort?

Most people become their most active during spring, after a long “hibernation” from physical activity. Spring arrives, the warm weather begins to break through, and everyone is finally inspired to get outside for the first time in months. But why go through an entire season without staying fit just because the weather outside is frightful?

 According to Everyday Health, “Staying active in the winter boosts immunity by keeping the lymphatic system active — as long as you don’t overstrain, which has the opposite effect.” While striking a balance is key, it’s clear that the right amount of exercise during winter can even keep you from getting sick!

 With that in mind, here are a few exciting ideas to keep fit year-round and stay active, even when it’s cold out there:

 1. Start a yoga club

 Or any other club, for that matter! If you have an interest in yoga or other indoor exercises, why not plan a bi-weekly event and invite some friends over? There’s no better motivator than friends when it comes to exercise, so getting a few of them together can help you break your cold weather fitness rut.

2. Go to the gym

 Whether you have a gym in your home, at your apartment complex, or down the street, take the time out of your day to go! While the gym may seem mundane during a beautiful spring day, it’s the perfect place to stay warm and feel great about yourself. Heading there is a great way to make sure you’re keeping up with yourself throughout the season.

3. Take fitness classes

 Sign up for classes offered by the trainers at your gym or at the local community center. Jazz dance, swing dance, and spin classes — oh my! The more you take, the better! You’re going to be a lot closer to being healthy by the time this winter ends than any years in the past.

4. Play indoor sports

 If you have a large, unfinished basement, it’s the perfect setting to enjoy any number of indoor sports. Try floor hockey, basketball, or indoor soccer tournaments with the family. It’ll be a ton of fun and it’ll keep your cardio up throughout the winter.

5. Shovel snow

 If you live in a colder climate, you might be getting a big snowstorm this season (if you haven’t already). Snow is the perfect opportunity for some strength-building snow shoveling! Get dressed in your warmest coat and get out there when the flakes are coming down. Note: Although this is an excellent exercise for those on the younger side, you might want to be cautious or double check with your doctor before shoveling snow if you suffer from high blood pressure or are over the age 50.

6. Have a dance party

 There’s no better way to enjoy quality time with the family during winter than having an indoor dance party. If you’re feeling extra passionate about it, go out and grab some dazzling lights and a professional quality sound system before the fun begins. Feeling extra creative? You might even want to make a music video out of the night to ensure the fun memories last for years to come.

7. Invest in fitness equipment at home

 Go ahead: buy that set of Pilates DVDs from the early 2000s or invest in a sturdy and safe fitness trampoline to keep you moving when it’s simply too cold to get outside.

 Whatever ways you choose to stay active this season, make sure you have fun while doing it!