Weight loss after Pregnancy

Apr 16th 2015

Simple steps to lose weight after having a babyI welcomed another child in 2014 and you can bet I'll be working to get my body back into weight and search for ideas on weight loss after pregnancy. Postpartum weight is a reality for all new moms, and many of us struggle to get back the bodies we had pre-baby. Consider these simple steps to start losing weight and stop stressing:

1. Accept everyone is different Some moms will look ravishing a month after giving birth, but this is a rarity. The majority of us will need many months, and sometimes years, to lose all the weight gained while carrying and supporting life. Accept that your body is unique and needs to work on its own schedule. Stop stressing and start loving yourself more! Weight loss after pregnancy doesn't happen overnight; its a journey.

 2. Eat smart There's so much emphasis put on eating healthy while pregnant, and then when baby comes that tends to go out the window. Lack of sleep and time constraints often mean that you are unable to do much meal planning, and instead you have to grab a snack or quick meal when you can. Skip the processed garbage and always keep fresh fruits and veggies on-hand for snacking. Lean on your spouse, friends and family for help cooking balanced meals.

3. Drink lots of H20 Make water your beverage of choice throughout the day. Water is KEY to weight loss after pregnancy. If you need a little flavor, add a splash of lemon, orange juice and sliced cucumbers. Water will keep you hydrated, which is super important if you've chosen to breast feed, plus it helps flush out toxins and keep your organs functioning properly.

4. Ask your doc about exercise Exercise is great, but you must chat with your physician first before starting an exercise regimen. Depending on your birth experience, your personal health and many other considerations, your doctor will be able to guide you when it's time to start exercising. Start slowly by taking baby on walks, jumping on a rebounder for 10 minutes a day, doing full-body stretching, etc. Increase only when you feel your body is ready for it.Jumping on a rebounder helps you lose weight

5. Find small moments for fitness You probably won't have time to go to gym for a two-hour daily workout session by yourself. Instead, find moments throughout the day to sneak in fitness activities. For example, when brushing your teeth, stand on one foot like you would in yoga's tree pose. Park at the back of the lot when running errands. Best yet, play with baby! You'll bond and the movements of basic play help your body to burn calories.

6. Get plenty of sleep Finally, it doesn't matter if it's your first or your fifth child - having a baby means sacrificing sleep. Even if your little one is a rock-star sleeper, he'll be waking up throughout the night and disrupting your own sleep patterns. You may be sick of hearing it, but the advice rings true: Sleep when the baby sleeps. Sneak in Zs when you can, and go to bed early to get the rest your body needs to stay healthy, heal and lose weight.