We did #Gimme5 fit challenge!

Jul 29th 2015

JumpSport Employees get healthy for #Gimme5 fit challenge!

GIMME5 fitness challengeLet’s Move is First Lady Michelle Obamas initiative to fight childhood obesity and bring fun back into getting healthy. Many adults and now children suffer from lack of exercise and poor eating; issues we will carry all our lives if we don’t take a stand and make the commitment to be healthy. It’s been 5 years since she introduced the “Let’s Move” fit challenge and now we’ve got the chance to share how the U.S. has responded to her call to action with the #Gimme5 challenge!Fitbit challenge

JumpSport is passionate about fitness as a whole from infants to older adults. In fact, many of our employees have challenged each other and ourselves to make healthier life changes. Here are 5 of JumpSport’s employees who have participated in this fit challenge and shown they’ve made healthy ‘leaps’ in the right direction.

  • Jon G, Vice President of Manufacturing, leads a very active lifestyle. His passion is surfing. He will slip in the water at first light to get in nature’s best workout before work.  And when the waves are flat, he also gets his weekly dose of hip-hop dance nearby.  What better way to stay lean and fit than doing something you love!
  • Rachel T, Director of Marketing & Sales, is passionate about her health especially because she wants to set a healthy example to her two very active boys under age 4. She also has two dogs who are her other babies that she takes to the dog park regularly. Accepting this fit challenge to lose some baby weight and run a marathon, Rachel started training by running almost daily. She’s working towards the Disney Star Wars half marathon in January 2016 in Southern California. Committed to her goal, Rachel has changed her diet by incorporating more green smoothies; walks daily, runs local half marathons, and is currently in a Tuff Girl Bootcamp! Did I mention she has two kids? She’s making her goal a reality every day. #Gimme5, Rachel!
  • Justin R, IT Director & Customer Service Representative has accomplished very much in a short amount of time. Looking past just this immediate fit challenge he’s looking at the bigger picture. Justin wanted to be healthier inside and out so he committed to giving up smoking as part of his first step in his journey to good health. At over 300 lbs, the next step in his journey was on the path of weight loss. Currently with the Keto diet, Justin has lost over 80lbs and is still going. He still has cheat meals for family occasions but is very dedicated to his health and we’ve admired his progress. #Gimme5 x2!Lets move CA
  • Kelly P, Senior Customer Service Representative & Accounting Assistant, has always had a passion for being active and loves trying new methods of exercise. From Yoga, Barre, rebounding, running, and walking, Kelly is always up for a challenge. Though she doesn’t work from home, you could say she brings her baby to work. Foxie, Kelly’s pet pup sits at her feet while she works and is walked regularly throughout the day, with an occasional run from cubicle to cubicle to meet all her friends for a scratch and a treat at the office! She recently just started working with a Personal trainer to also get back into running so that she can work up to a full marathon in two years. Good luck, Kelly… & #Gimme5!
  • Lauren M, Marketing & Customer Support Representative is one of JumpSport’s other telecommuting parents. With two little ones also under age 3, she stays busy. Though a newbie to the fitbit challenge, she’s taking baby steps to get her daughters out at least once a day to walk 2 miles and try to get past 5,000 steps. JumpSport has made sure that she has time allotted to her health by encouraging her to take a step back from the desk and spend time with the girls. She also LOVES her model 550f PRO and jumps throughout the day to regain focus and reduce stress. The kids bounce too!


#Gimme5 fit challenge inspires JumpSport Team to be healthier!

Michelle Obama Gimme 5JumpSport as a company is passionate about rebounding for all ages but we recognize there are so many other wonderful methods of reaching healthy goals. For more information on how we’ve met the #Gimme5 challenge, read our recent article about JumpSport as a health-focused company (hyperlink to Gimme5 article). And whatever you do, just make sure you move your body in the “right” direction. Continue to be an example to your family, friends, and co-workers; you never know how it will inspire healthy changes in their lives. Hey, #gimme5!