The Sweet Season’s Rewards

Dec 7th 2010

Christmas cookies and cakes

It’s the most wonderful time of the year...

For children, this season is like living in the classic board game, “Candy Land”.  Their hearts content with heaping helpings of candies, cookies, and cakes.  Even the strictest of sugar-busting parents cannot outwit a child bent on holiday sweets.  This said, in terms of energy output, we parents know what sugar does...frightening!  Children are already energy levels above us, dust them in the sweet, white stuff and it’s like watching a cannon explode over and over!

To our great fortune, however, we own a JumpSport fitness trampoline.  It resides in our living room; the rest of the furniture in the room orbit around the trampoline, it is indeed the focal point (overt subliminal message).JumpSport Fitness trampoline

The kids get hopped up on sugar and then, hop up (no pun intended) onto the JumpSport and bounce to their hearts content; sometimes in tandem but mostly solo. I have an almost two year old and a four year old.  Both have grown up with a fitness instructor mommy so they are fairly well versed in exercising; it’s a hoot to watch them create their own exercises; a blend of what they have seen me do and what their favorite athletes do and who knows where my son learned the Tai ‘Chi he’s doing, but I digress.

Our JumpSport trampoline defines our living room as a place where movement is encouraged for everyone who enters the space. We like keeping the trampoline “at the ready” and encourage our children to bounce any time they want.  It would be great if there were some way to power the television with their bouncing!  They will typically incorporate the trampoline into a circuit of throwing books on the floor, playing with dinosaurs, jumping from one couch to the other and then a romp on the JumpSport...repeat.  Our preschoolers are thrilled to have a miniature of their favorite piece of equipment from gymnastics.  They practice, improvise, hang out and recently watched Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, all from the comfort of our JumpSport fitness trampoline.

Happy Holidays & Happy Bouncing!