The Joys of Customer Service!

Jul 29th 2013

Customer service smiley face EmojiAs a customer service representative for JumpSport over the last 15 months, I have dealt with a wide variety of customers – from people brand new to the trampoline world to return customers looking to purchase just a few replacement parts for their existing trampoline.

But the most rewarding, and sometimes most difficult, phone calls are from customers with a warranty claim.  Let me explain: since JumpSport has been in business for over 15 years, we have trampolines out there from about 2004 and on. The difficult part comes from identifying which model and year the customer has in order to give them the best possible service.

Most of our customers understand this and are easy to work with.  I was very fortunate to have a customer like this recently.

Mr. Muilenburg called in with an older model StagedBounce Trampoline and 380 Safety Net  purchased from his local dealer. After a few questions, and a bit of digging for the receipt, we had the unit identified and, per our policy, I requested some pictures of the trampoline to access the warranty claim.

During our calls, I discovered Mr. Muilenburg had a wonderful sense of humor. He helped the process along by providing clear photos of his concern cheerfully.

Customer is key crossword

After we worked together to get the claim processed and his new parts on their way, Mr Muilenburg unexpectedly asked me for my supervisor’s email address.  I am always grateful when a customer feels the need to commend my work, but I never expected a compliment like this:



In 2007, I received a great gift from my mother.  This particular investment wasn’t for me, but for my children (twins one boy and one girl).  At the age of 4, they both knew they received something very special.  Of all the different, less expensive models on the market, the decision was made to buy the JumpSport Trampoline. Oh boy, what an awesome investment it was!  Now at age 11, the twins are the most physically fit in their 5th grade class. My daughter is a competitive gymnast (level 7) and my son is a ranked, competitive tennis player.  As a parent and sports enthusiast, the 2+ hours (averaging) they spend on their trampoline a day, is a direct result of their physical aptitude.  For this, I want to say “Thank You” for creating something so fun and SAFE that allows them to play without stressing us parents.  All the neighborhood kids come to play on it as well.  The trampoline is always in use and is very well received by parents and other kids alike.  Then the unthinkable happened! 

The legs had rusted through, thus making further enjoyment impossible.  My kids were like a kite without wind. It was like losing a family pet!

 Now, for the rest of the story.  (I have always wanted to quote Paul Harvey).  

 My reason for contacting you is based entirely on JumpSport’s customer service.  No less than 24 hours upon this incident, I called customer support and talked with a very delightful women, Dawn Arkin.  Ms Arkin was a true professional and paid very close attention as I described my latest misfortune.  She asked for pictures of the damage, which I promptly delivered (and mind you, gratefully presented); her response was just as quick.  Within a couple of minutes, Ms Arkin had my shipment of replacement parts on its way to GA. 

 In closing, I know how important customer service is to the bottom line to a business.  I am all too familiar with only complaints being lodged and rarely having any complements bestowing well-deserved employees.  I am also in customer service, albeit, in a technical field, but the deliverable is always the same.  The client is first and foremost.  Ms Arkin should be commended on her ability to communicate, resolve, and deliver the ardent demands of the client (ME).  Dawn is a valuable asset to JumpSport, and her ability to perform her job (ie. Understand what I was trying to say in terms of trampoline talk with certain part numbers, descriptions, etc. AND quickly order the parts from the warehouse) is a direct reflection in the company she represents, and both are working in harmony.  A job well done!  


PS.  I will henceforth refer any parents that are interested in JumpSport Trampolines to call Dawn for all inquiries.  I, for one, will always deter and dissuade any of my friends from selecting the cheaper brands..dare I say any competitors…( Wallyworld, etc). 


Many Thanks,

Wesley Muilenburg


Thank youNeedless to say, I was so taken back by such a wonderful compliment. And I just want to thank Mr. Muilenburg for being such a joy to work with. It’s customer’s like you that make this the best job I’ve ever held. Thank you!

Dawn Arkin

JumpSport Customer Service

[email protected]