Take The Bounce Challenge For Fitness Testing

Posted by Pam Powers on Sep 8th 2017

Fitness testing has come a long way over the past twenty-five years. Although only eighteen states require it, there is a growing number of states that are mandating some system of measuring student fitness levels. Why should we consider fitness testing? It is a tool for physical educators to use to start a conversation. It can be used to help a teacher discuss lifetime fitness goals with a student; an opportunity to discuss a concern for a student’s health and well-being with a parent; and a tool to be used in collecting health trend data.

While in middle school, I remember the President’s Challenge. I was one of only a handful of kids who could pass. One of the hardest challenges-Pull Ups. I could complete all the challenges, and, received the award because I danced four hours a day. I was very fit and had opportunities to mimic what was required on the fitness test. We were constantly stretching, strengthening, and enduring through rigorous workouts. The key here-it was fun! 

The fitness testing from the past has transformed into the new Presidential Youth FitnessProgram. Tests have alternative choices and they are inclusive of physical limitations. The creation of the Brockport Fitness Test provides more choices for testing considerations to include students of all abilities. The testing protocols can be found at

JumpSport created a fitness challenge for students that can be used to help students get ready for fitness testing. In addition, it is a great way to develop competence while using the fitness trampoline. The Bounce Challenge is led by Master Trainer, Krista Popowych and can be found here:

Enjoy the challenge!