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Take The Bounce Challenge For Fitness Testing

Posted by Pam Powers on Sep 9th 2017

Fitness testing has come a long way over the past twenty-five years. Although only eighteen states require it, there is a growing number of states that are mandating some system of measuring student f … read more

Bouncing Benefits Of The Vestibular System

Posted by Pam Powers on Sep 8th 2017

There are many benefits to bouncing on a trampoline. One that has been well known in the therapeutic world is the vestibular system. This is important to highlight because rebounding as a classroom i … read more

Fitness Education Teacher Spotlight: Brandi Burzuto

Posted by Pam Powers on Aug 17th 2017

Brandi Burzuto has been teaching K-5 physical education for 25 years at Silver Star Elementary School in Washington State. She coaches an after-school unicycle club that performs at half-time shows fo … read more
Welcome to the Bounce Generation

Welcome to the Bounce Generation

Posted by Pam Powers on May 4th 2017

My first experience with the JumpSport Fitness Trampoline was in 2012 at the IDEA Conference. I had signed up for the session prior to the conference because it was different and, who doesn’t love to … read more