Quick and Easy Snowflake Craft

Quick and Easy Snowflake Craft

Jan 9th 2013

Snow may not be falling from the sky where you live but with this craft you can make it a white winter regardless of the weather!

Snowflake craft completed example

1. Cut a piece of white construction paper to make a square (4” to 9” squares work well)

Cut white construction paper into a square

2. Fold opposite points of the square together making the paper into a triangle.

Fold opposite points of square together to form a triangle

3. Leaving the paper folded, fold the other two points together.

Fold the other two points together

4. With the paper still folded, cut off the corners.

With the paper folded cut the corners off

5. Cut designs into each side of the folded paper between where the points were.

Cut wavy designs into each side of the folded paper

Unfold the paper to see what your snowflake looks like. The finished designs are what

my children and their friends came up with.

Unfold the paper to see your completed snowflake

By hanging these pretty geometric shapes around the house, displaying them in

windows, and using them to decorate gifts, you’ll quickly bring a festive touch to

your home!

Send us pics of the snowflakes you and your children make as well as how you'll use

them, and we’ll be happy to display them on this site!