New Month, New Diet? Right?

Aug 2nd 2013

Man eating a burger Am I the only one who feels that way?  That the first of the month is a chance to start over again….to start fresh with a “new diet” (not sure what happened to the “old diet” actually).  For over a week I have been hanging the 1st out there as my reason for not eating healthy or exercising.  I have been saying things like:

“Wednesday is the first, so I will try that new trampoline workout then.”  I have had Trainer of the Month Krista Popowych New Cardio and Strength Training Trampoline Workout DVD on my desk for about 3 weeks now.

[caption id="attachment_2906" align="alignright" width="150"]JumpSport Fitness Cardio and Strength Training trampoline workout DVD Krista's killer trampoline workout video....sitting on my desk :([/caption]

“I will download that food log app now, but I will work out how to do it on Wednesday.”  Fitbook (a food logging app and website that came highly recommended) was kind enough to give me an upgraded account 6 weeks ago for review….and yet I waited till August 1st.

Well August 1st has come and gone.  Did I try Krista’s new DVD?  Nope.  It is sitting on my desk mocking me as I type mocking me!

Have I started using Fitbook?  Nope.  I did download the app though and registered online.  Food logging has never been something I am terribly into….so  I am going to play with it this weekend and start on Monday.  (How is that for EXTRA procrastination?)

Egg white veggie omelet

Blueberries are great fuel for meetingsBut I did manage to eat well on Wednesday.  I started the day out with an egg white omelet and made a smart snack choice in blueberries rather than muffins during a company meeting.  The muffins were home made by our CEOs wife, so staying away from them was quite an accomplishment on my part!

I have not written a blog since Fitbloggin13 in Portland.  My mission up until then was to lose 20 lbs?  Did I do it?  Nope.  I did lose 15 pounds and although I have not been the exercise/dieting since then, by making healthy food choices and walking where ever and whenever I can, combined with daily jumping on my trampoline I have kept the weight off.  Milt has been doing this with me the whole way, I may have lost 15 lbs but he has lost 30!  Don’t we look good?  :)

[caption id="attachment_2904" align="alignright" width="300"]Rachel Turkus  and Milton Hartogh lost weight rebounding Milt & Rachel: a combined 45 lbs lighter![/caption]

This last month has proven that maintenance is possible with good decisions, but it has also proven that after I reach a goal, I get lazy.  So, I am setting a new goal!  I am turning 40 on Sept 19th.  We are going to Mexico on vacation for a week.  I have not had a real vacation like that in years.  So, here is the plan:  I will lose 20 pounds before I leave on Sept 16th.  That is 20 lbs in 8 weeks, a completely doable goal.

I will be using Fitbook to log all my food and exercises.  Here is hoping they have rebounding in there so I do not have to add the stats myself.  I am going to get Milt to register to and use it too!  (Being my spouse sometimes I sure is trying for more reasons than one).  I will get on using my fitbit again.  I heart my fitbit, so I should being using it more!

I have had several customers report lately that they have lost weight rebounding on one of our JumpSport Fitness Trampolines (might want to check out our profile on Jennifer Rice—our first EVER Customer of the Month).  Therefore, I am really going to kick up my dedication to rebounding.  I have bought a few new books and am planning to do some old fashion book reports.  Insert pic of books.  And since I have Krista’s new video and she is our Trainer of the Month for August, I am going to do her video three times in the next week.  I will also do Jeff McMullen BOUNCE Camp video at least once this week—it is still my favorite!

We would also like to hear from you guys!  How do you bounce?  Where do you bounce?  What works for weight loss for you?

Till next week…

Happy Bouncing!


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