How to Retire Healthy Enough to Live Your Dream

Apr 27th 2016

Woman staying healthy for retirement using a fitness trampoline

Because good health is a pillar of happiness.

Retirement is a well-deserved and hard-earned time to enjoy yourself. After spending decades working, everyone deserves a chance to just lie back and enjoy the experiences that are ahead of them.

But there’s a catch.

By the time many people save up enough money to retire from their desk jobs, they find themselves out of shape. Some even discover that they’re too unhealthy to do a lot of the stuff that they’ve been saving for.

And that’s a problem. How disappointing would it be to get to this exciting stage of life only to realize that your careful planning was for naught? That you can’t do everything you’ve dreamt of, just when you finally have the time to do it?

Our goal is to prevent this from happening. Here are some tips for staying fit for when you’re ready to retire:

 1. Train for your favorite activities on the weekends

If your dream is to kayak in the Caribbean or hike the Rocky Mountain Range, it won’t happen without a little effort and practice. Especially if you have such physically-demanding goals.

So spend your weekends training yourself for the activities you hope to participate in once you retire. Sure, you might be doing it on a smaller scale, but the practice will pay off once you gain the freedom to take on the big leagues!

2. Eat well

A lot of feeling great and looking your best has to do with your eating habits. Think of it this way: how do you feel after eating a giant plate of fries versus enjoying a fresh fruit and veggie smoothie? These habits add up in the long run. If you tend to feel a little queasy after a greasy burger, just think about what it’s doing to your body. On the other hand, a handful of almonds and a banana will give you natural and healthy energy.

After several weeks, months, or even years of good eating habits, your body is going to react in a positive way. Plus, you’re going to look and feel your best — just in time for a fantastic retirement.

3. Increase your time spent on fun, physical activity

Instead of wasting away your spare time as a couch potato or browsing “just one more scroll” through your favorite social media site, why not enjoy some fun and exciting exercise? Getting outside is a great way to get ready for your retired adventures.

One way a lot of people sneak in exercise is by investing in an easy-to-use fitness trampoline. These are both fun to use and effective for boosting your cardio workouts, not to mention a real time saver if you’ve got a tight calendar. In fact, 15 minutes on a trampoline is equivalent to a 30-minute run, and a jump workout can burn 1,000 calories per hour — so you can get double the workout in half the time!

Looking for the right trampoline? Browse our selections and find the right piece of equipment to help bounce you into retirement age in great health.