Get Fit Together: Fun Exercises For Couples

Feb 24th 2016

Seniors exercising as a couple on an outdoor trampoline

Who said quality time requires a couch?

Some people are born to workout. They wake up early, excited to tackle the physical challenges brought on by a new day. And then, there are others: the people who aren’t quite as driven by exercise. If you’re more that speed when it comes to exercising, you might need a little motivator to keep you going through your workout.

What better motivation than finding fun and exciting exercises to enjoy with your significant other? Here are 8 exercises that you and your loved one can do together for a thrilling workout session:

Dancing classes

Whether a swing class, jazz, tap, or even hip hop dance, you’ll be happy to find many community centers offer a variety of dance classes. Dance the night away to catchy tunes and explore the history behind a dance by joining a class with the one you love.

Riding your bikes

Skip the spin class and invest in a couple bikes, instead. They’re a great way to get around town and will get you outside in the fresh air together. Build your bond by exploring a new area (and sometimes fighting the elements). Rain or shine, biking together is the perfect way to ensure you’re going to have a good time.

Snowboarding or skiing

It doesn’t matter if prefer skiing or snowboarding — just hit the slopes with your partner. It’ll get your cardio going, it will help build strength in your leg muscles, and it’ll help build the bond you have together.

Go sledding

If you want to get out in the snow but you’re not quite up to the task of boarding or skiing, try sledding! Running through the heavy snow up the hill will help build your muscles and it’ll get your heart rate going. It helps with endurance and total body strength, too.


You don’t have to be a pro to have a great night bowling. In fact, those who score the lowest often make it the most fun (speaking from experience, of course). Let your guard down and have a great night of fun and exercise at the bowling alley.

Roller skating or ice skating

Remember during middle school when everyone went to the ice rink or roller rink on Friday nights? Channel your inner youth by recreating those days on a special date. As long as you don’t sit by the pizza parlor all night or spend all your cash at the arcade, you’ll know you’re enjoying a night of healthy fun.

Take a hike

It’s time to tell your loved one to take a hike! With you, that is. Explore a new trail, do a bit of minimal rock climbing, and get a breath of fresh air together on a nice, long hike. It’ll help build your strength and endurance while also serving as a great cardio workout. (And depending where you go, you may just find a romantic spot with a view where you can sit and catch your breath!)

Jump around on a trampoline

Instead of a table for two, how about a trampoline for two? Whether you jump around on an outdoor trampoline or bounce around on a fitness trampoline, this is a great way to get your heart beating faster with (and for) one another.