4 Unique Sports Your Kids Have Got to Try

Oct 19th 2016

Synchronized swimming is a fun sports idea for kids

These sports are too cool for school!

The school year has been in full-swing for quite some time now, and it’s time to start thinking about which sports your little ones want to participate in this year. One of the best parts about a new school year are all of the opportunities that are weaved into it—from choir to chess club and football to fencing, there’s lots of fun to be had this year both inside and out of the building. Let’s take a look at a few of the more unique options your school’s recreational department may offer:

1. Gymnastics

 Sure, it may not seem that unique, but we understand that many schools don’t offer a gymnastics program. And that’s part of why we think it’s so important to seize the opportunity for your children to get involved if the opportunity is available! Kids will learn and improve their balance while building strength and feeling healthier than ever before.

2. Fencing

 A game of accuracy, speed, and agility, fencing is a fun way for students to feel the rush of a sword fight without any real danger. Fencing is a truly distinctive way for teenagers to get their blood flowing—and to test how quick they are on their feet!

3. Dance

 Cheerleading’s less mainstream cousin, dance classes are a useful (and graceful!) way to get kids active—both girls and boys alike. Known to build a strong core and strengthen leg muscles, kids enrolled in dance will soon experience greater agility, balance, and will have some killer dance moves to show off at homecoming! In fact, many schools may offer both competitive and recreational dancing regimens for students to get involved in—ranging from ballroom dance, to breakdance, and everything in between.

4. Synchronized swimming

 Almost every middle or high school has a swim team that is hungry for victory—but most of those are racing to the finish to show their worth. However, some schools are lucky enough to have a synchronized swimming team as well. Testing their ability to move precisely, fully in sync with one another, students get to show off their skills while building muscle and gaining a lot of control in the water.

Getting fit, fast!

 Agility and strength are at the core of any athlete’s training. One of the best ways to get our little ones feeling fit after a lazy summer is to get them to pop up on a trusted and safe outdoor trampoline to help rebuild endurance and just have fun! Do your older kids want less leisure and more fitness? Fitness trampolines are also available for training more serious athletes. Browse our selections and get that much closer to improved school sports!