4 Games You Can Play with a Plyometric Rebounder

4 Games You Can Play with a Plyometric Rebounder

Jun 14th 2017

Here’s how you can make fitness a whole lot more fun

Unless you’re a workout nut who loves nothing more than lacing up your running shoes and going for a jog or hitting the gym, you probably aren’t too crazy about exercising. Let’s face it: Most ways to get in shape are pretty boring. Whether it’s running on a treadmill or lifting weights, tedium can set in almost immediately. And this means you’re probably more likely to stop sooner or not start at all.

This is why you should think about adding something new into your fitness routine, and a trampoline could fit the bill nicely. A mini trampoline – also known as a plyometric rebounder – is an excellent tool that can help you lose weight, strengthen your core, and improve your balance. Good on their own, a rebounder can be even more fun with these games:

Jumping Jacks

Now, you are probably familiar with this exercise, but it’s different – and much more enjoyable – on a trampoline. You’ll start in the middle of the trampoline, jump, and when airborne, spread your arms and legs, and then go back to the starting position before landing. Not only will you have a good time, jumping jacks on a rebounder are much easier on your knees and feet.

Ball catch

This is a great game to play if you have a workout buddy. While one person bounces, the other person tosses a ball – made out of something like rubber or foam – to him or her and while in the air, they try to throw it back. This is an excellent way to boost reflexes and hand-eye coordination.

Ball return

Another fun game involving a ball, this one involves putting your trampoline at a slant against a wall. Then you’ll toss a ball at it and try to catch it. A harder ball like a baseball or tennis ball works best. Because the ball will come off the trampoline at different angles, you’ll never quite know where it is going, which will test your agility.

Your own competition

Nothing will get you working out longer – and spark your competitive fire – than some friendly contests. You and your friends can see who can bounce on one leg the longest, do the most bounces in a minute, or any other things you can think of. You’ll get so immersed in your games, you won’t even realize your exercising.

If you’re tired of the same old, same old when it comes to fitness equipment, it could be time to consider a trampoline. And if you already have a fitness trampoline, you can easily turn it into a plyometric rebounder with  JumpSport’s adapter kit, which includes a toning ball and workout DVDs.