2021 Starts With One: Building A Stronger Bounce Community

2021 Starts With One: Building A Stronger Bounce Community

Dec 29th 2020

JumpSport Fitness makes a deeper commitment to community

We’re ready to say goodbye to 2020 and focus on the new beginning that 2021 brings! COMMUNITY. It’s a word we have learned to embrace and our New Year's mantra, “Fitness Community Starts with One" #ONEcommunity which stems from our belief that to begin rightly takes the support of a community and a one day at a time approach. But, before we jump into why this inspires us, let’s recap 2020 and how bounce fitness has exploded!

While COVID-19 created a surge in at-home fitness, the buzz around bounce fitness and rebounding at home or in a studio was already accelerating. Fitness studios like The Ness in NYC or Bounce Society in Orange County had sold out back-to-back classes where clients found themselves falling in love with the high energy HIIT, dance-cardio, or barre inspired workouts. “The health benefits and the full body workout (all from one piece of equipment) are incredible,” says The Ness co-founder Dria Murphy in a recent article in W Magazine. “Bounce also increases lymphatic drainage, strengthens the pelvic floor as it requires more stability throughout the entire workout, helps increase bone density, and increases balance,” Murphy says.

At the beginning of 2020 Women’s Health featured celebrity and bounce-lover, Kate Beckinsale saying, “I just got into trampolining, and it's the greatest thing” as well as a featured article titled “Bouncing is Back” that compared running to trampolining, “...allllll the endorphins, none of the shin splints. Who’s pumped to jump?” (Jan./Feb. 2020 issue of Women’s Health).

In fact, we gained a lot of momentum in the celebrity industry. Not to name drop or anything… but Goldie Hawn motivated her followers to enjoy movement as she bounced on her JumpSport Fitness Trampoline in an Instagram post this spring. Who are we kidding; we’re going to definitely name drop. Here are some more celebrity JumpSport fans:

  • Eva Longoria - We LOVED this very organic and fun unboxing video from the lovely Eva. She is new to rebounding and already loves her new “Rolls Royce” of rebounders.
  • Rob Gronkowski - New England Patriots / Tampa Bay Buccaneers football star and dog lover started warming up every day on his girlfriend's (Camile Kostek) trampoline every day and now owns three of his own!
  • Julie Benz - This "Dexter" actress has stayed fit during the quarantine by following along with Body By Simone workouts on her JumpSport fitness trampoline… her fur-babies also approve of her rebounder.
  • Gwyneth Paltrow - Working out with The Ness in NYC and looking beautiful and effortless while doing it. The Ness exclusively uses JumpSport fitness trampolines and now so does Gwyneth Paltrow!

For more Celebrity call outs, check out this fun blog we wrote: Train Like A Celebrity

Throughout 2020, rebounding workout programs have been launched by fitness studios worldwide using on demand and live streaming platforms. At JumpSport Fitness TV the focus has always been to offer a variety of workout videos. “Anyone who subscribes to our streaming site, JumpSport Fitness TV, can select from a number of different instructors, modalities, levels and workouts with different accessories,” explained Meredith Bless, Content Manager for JumpSport. She continues, “Our subscriber base grew by 4x over the last 12 months, which is a clear indicator of the future of the trampoline fitness community.”

Boutique fitness studios adapted their business models to the rapidly changing COVID-19 restrictions with grace and fluidity. They took advantage of the fitness trampoline as its own “personal bubble” and easily set up their clients safely, socially distanced in their studios or outside, depending on the rules of their city.

A prime example is when Barre Groove partnered with the popular Boston, MA nightclub, The Grand, to feature a Grand Experience complete with live DJ and club lighting. Because the club is so large, they were able to space out class attendees safely and still offer an amazing and unforgettable trampoline class (so long as the city permits).

The bounce community momentum culminated during the holiday season with high-profile press features:

For more awesome press about the trampoline, check out our  Press page!

With 2020 at our heels, we wrap up the unprecedented change for people around the world and begin to look forward. We are all in need of feeling part of a community where we support each other's overall health and wellness. As we move into 2021 JumpSport recognizes how rapidly the bounce community has grown and our goal is to support and encourage. We believe 2021 will be a year people keep their fitness goals because of how effective movement is for mental health and wellbeing. Rebounding will continue to grow simply because people see that working out can be fun at home or in a group class.

We are #ONEcommunity committed to living healthy lives and being the best we can be. JumpSport is committed to supporting you by releasing a week’s worth of free workouts on JumpSport Fitness TV each week for the month of January (visit 

What is your commitment to your fitness community? How will you help your friends, family, or local studio see success with their health and wellbeing in 2021?

We are all in this together and it starts with ONE.