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Trampoline Boot Camp

JumpSport Fitness Boot Camp Course with Sgt. Ken® (8 hrs)

This boot camp certification course is complete with specialized integrative programming, live and virtual curriculum development strategies, and effective examples on how to build your client base.

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JumpSport Fitness Boot Camp Course™ with Sgt. Ken® (8 hrs)
Eric Eric

Meet Eric, Father

"I work out to feel good, confident, and be a good role model for my 7 year old daughter."

Eric’s philosophy on fitness used to be highly competitive with an intense training regime. As a father, he is still serious about exercising, but it comes more with the attitude of being a role model and completing his goals everyday. Now in his 40’s his body battles the history of bike crashes, aches, and pains and was happy to discover a low-impact, high calorie burn trampoline workout he could add to his normal circuit training. For him and his family, bouncing on the fitness trampoline is fun, quiet, and easy to store for at home fitness.

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Benefits of Boot Camp Workouts

Build muscle, burn calories, and increase endurance when you challenge your body to HIIT and Bootcamp style workouts. Health benefits of high intensity workouts include:

High Caloric Burn

Improve Aerobic Endurance

Build Muscle

Lower Blood Pressure

Reduce Blood Sugar

Add a JumpSport Fitness trampoline and you can achieve these benefits on a low-impacting surface leaving you energized and a lot less sore. Bootcamp style workouts are perfect for experienced bouncers or gym goers; if you’re just beginning, consider modifying movements as you gain strength and confidence. Check out these additional benefits of rebounding.

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