Total Body Trampoline Exercises

The low-impact and high-energy nature of trampoline exercises attracts more and more fitness enthusiasts to buy a rebounder every year. And why not? Trampoline exercises strengthen your heart, increase lung capacity, and help you shed calories, among other benefits of rebounding. Plus, you’ll use less energy jumping than running and burn just as many calories. Ready to bounce? Check out these top trampoline exercises, and then formulate your own trampoline fitness routine.

Arms: Tone and build muscle

The JumpSport® Fitness Trampoline is designed for much more than simple rebound exercises – with some assistance, you can tone your upper body, your core, and your legs in minutes! Krista Popowych, JumpSport master trainer, will demonstrate our top three arm exercises in this helpful video tutorial.

Frame-Assist Push-Up

Grasp the frame of your JumpSport Fitness Trampoline with both hands, shoulder-length apart. Extend your legs behind you. Place your feet a few inches apart, and do 10-15 push-ups. Keep your core engaged and your back straight. Exhale when you feel the most strain and breathe through the exercise.

Hopping Mat Push-Up

Place your hands shoulder-length apart on the center of your mat. Extend your legs behind you. With a hopping motion, move your hands below your head, right next to each other, and then back out to shoulder-length apart. Do this same hopping motion with your feet, bringing them together and extending back out to a wide position with the feet in tandem with your hand motions. Hop 10 – 15 times, with each repetition including an “in” and “out.” While performing this exercise keep your back straight.

Mat Plank

Place your elbows in the center of the trampoline mat, keeping them aligned with your shoulders. Extend your legs behind you as you would for a push up. Keeping your weight distributed evenly between your elbows and your feet, engage your core and hold the plank for 30 – 60 seconds. Keep your back straight and your neck elongated.

Abs: Fight the belly bulge

>Abdominal exercises can put strain on your back and neck if done on a gym mat without proper form. The same exercises done on a trampoline can relieve the pressure on your lower back so you can keep up with a rigorous routine of sit-ups and crunches without negative effects on your body. Watch as Krista takes us through the most effective trampoline workouts for abs.

Seated Bouncing

Sit at the center of your Fitness Trampoline, placing your feet firmly on the ground. Grasp the frame outside of your legs with your hands, and begin strong controlled bounces. Brace your abs and keep your back straight. Bounce vigorously for 45 – 60 seconds.


Start by sitting nice and tall on your trampoline, with your feet planted firmly on the floor. From here, fully roll back onto your trampoline and then sit up as fluidly as possible, maintaining controlled movements. Breathe out as you exert and push your body back up. Bring your ribcage and hipbone together as you complete one movement. Complete 15 – 20 rollbacks.

Heel Drops

Lay back on your trampoline from the seated position. Once your back is properly aligned, bring your feet off the floor and keep your knees above your hips, ensuring you keep your thighs aligned straight up in the air. Extend your arms up in the air and keep them slightly curved inward, as if you’re holding a large inflated beach ball. For each repetition, extend one leg down parallel with your torso as you simultaneously extend your arms above your head, also parallel with your torso, and then bring your arms and your leg back to the default position. Switch the leg and do this again for a full repetition. Complete 10 – 15 heel drops on both sides.

Glutes and Thighs: Firm your booty with bouncing

>These muscle groups are the largest on your body- it’s important to keep them toned! As you build these muscles you’ll burn more fat and keep your lower body strong and agile. A proper trampoline workout is designed to target these particular muscle groups. Follow along as Krista demonstrates three more helpful trampoline workouts.

Trampoline Squats

Stand on the trampoline and place your legs slightly wider than shoulder length apart. Squat down, keeping your core activated and your head looking straight ahead. Use your arms for balance, bringing them in as you bend down and back out as you extend to a standing position. Continue squatting for about 30 seconds.

Balance Lifts

This move is an extension of a squat with some added balance work. Get into the starting standing position on your trampoline for a squat. Squat down, and as you stand up lift one knee above your hip. Squat back down and lift the other knee to your hip level as you stand to complete one repetition. Complete at least 20 balance lifts.

Trampoline Lunges

Place one foot on your Fitness Trampoline and keep your knee straight, aligned with your foot. Begin each repetition with your other foot behind you. Step up with the foot that begins on the ground and lift your knee above your hip. Place that foot back on the ground behind your trampoline, then take one step back with your foot that begins on the trampoline, ending in a lunge. Complete 15 – 20 lunges on each side.


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Barre, Dance, HIIT, Resistance, Cardio, Yoga — choose workouts that interest you, or try something new all on your fitness trampoline. Our certified fitness instructors know how to have fun. Their enthusiasm is contagious and their tips help the novice or advanced bouncer.

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