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Compare JumpSport and Bellicon Rebounders

About 10 years ago, JumpSport and Bellicon revolutionized the fitness trampoline world by creating top quality bungee trampolines. Our two brands stand apart from low-cost bungee trampolines because of our high quality elastic cords and quality designs. Below are specifics that compare our two brands to help you make a better decision.


The #1 choice of club and home fitness for reliability, longevity, and usability. Originally inspired by Bellicon, we significantly advanced their designs to deliver stable arched legs, 3X the number of bounce cycles, and firmness adjustability all at a lower price point.


Quality design and build at a high price. A wide variety of cord tensions is nice, but cords cannot be adjusted after purchase. Traditional straight legs are strong, but are susceptible to tipping hazard, especially at the high frame height.

Compare Specifications

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Superior Performance Very Good 4-trustpilot-stars.png based on 93 reviews (from Facebook as of Jan 2018)
Height 12.5" - lower for easier access and a lower center of gravity
14" - difficult to step on and off of and a
significant tipping hazard, but allows for a deeper bounce
Legs Arched for unmatched stability - straight available on some models
Straight, prone to tipping
Frame Lifetime Warranty
Lifetime Warranty
39" Models 44" Models 39" Models 44" Models
Folding Options Yes
No No
Bounce Area 510 sq in 729 sq in 573 sq in
804 sq in
Workout Area with Skirt 1030 sq in (padded skirt)
1334 sq in (padded skirt)
707 sq in
(no padding)
962 sq in
(no padding)
Elastic Cord Suspension System 30 or 36 cords
2-5 year warranty
36 cords
5 year warranty
30 cords
1 year warranty
36 cords
1 year warranty
3" Bounce Cycles 400k – 1.2 million
(depending on model)
1.6 million
("strong" cords)
("strong" cords)
Firmness Levels Up to 7 adjustable settings and two cord strength options
One, but multiple cord strength options
Weight Rating 225 – 300 lb
325 lb
80 - 440 lb, depending on strength of cord selected
Videos 4-in-1 DVD included + over 25 DVD & streaming options starting at $2.99
One DVD included + subscription streaming service up to $9.99/month
Price range $199 – $419
$499 – $619
$429 – $499 $579 – $899

NOTE: Listed warranties are for residential use. For commercial warranties, visit individual product pages.

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What to look for when comparing bungee rebounders

Quality & Safety

Quality can often be quantified by price and warranty. A low-price bungee trampoline will have a very short warranty and come with poor quality parts. Be prepared to feel a harsh bounce and expect a short life of the product before it is ready to be replaced. JumpSport Fitness Trampolines come with the longest warranty on the market. If you do exceed the 1.6 million bounces our products are tested to, we always have replacement elastic cords for your trampoline. 

Safety is often overlooked with a mini-trampoline. Low-quality trampolines use straight legs that are highly susceptible to tipping, smaller diameter frames that can't withstand repetitive use, and unreliable handles that aren't securely attached to the frame. JumpSport Fitness Trampolines use patented, super-stable arched legs that allow users to stand the trampoline upright to use as a stability bar and allow for easy stacking in club situations. We also use thick frame tubes and bolt-fastened handles that are optimal for Barre workouts.

Workout Videos

With some of the best fitness programming and master trainers in the industry, JumpSport Fitness Trampoline workout videos are proven to burn just as many calories in 20 mins as a 30 min running workout, and to feel 10% less strenuous. Read the American Council on Exercise study for more details. With a wide variety of DVDs that are mostly available to stream, you can now access these at anytime at home or at the park.