Valentines Day for Kids

Feb 25th 2015

Valentines Day for Kids

Kids adore Valentine's Day and there Grandmother celebrating Valentines Day with Granddaughterare plenty of fun things moms and dads can do to make the holiday special. Here are 10 Cupid-approved ideas that are easy, affordable and sure to make valentines day for kids more awesome:

1. Heart pizza night Celebrate the weekend by making your own individual heart pizzas. Have kids help make the dough and then help them form it into a heart shape. Then, let them finish their creation with the toppings of their choice.

2. Cupid's kiddie cocktails Make your dinner feel extra special with kid-approved cocktails. Get some clear soda or mineral water, mix with cherry syrup or juice, and top with maraschino cherries. Drink from fancy stemware and kids will feel the love.

3. Give the neighbors a treat Spread the love beyond your front door by baking up some cookies and then have your kids deliver them to your neighbors. Add a note that says "You're such a sweet neighbor, we thought you deserved a treat this Valentine's Day!"

4. Start a Valentine's Day journal Sit down with your family and start a new tradition: a journal. Each year, record answers from each member, like what he or she loves to play, study, do outside, etc. It's fun to look back each year on the evolving answers! This is a great way to capture the memory of a special Valentines day for kids.

5. Crayon hearts Get a silicone candy heart tray and have kids fill it with all their broken pieces of crayons. Bake at 250 F for 10 minutes or until melted, then let it cool completely before popping it out and coloring!

6. Spa day Girls and boys of all ages will love a little Valentine's Day pampering. Cut up cucumbers and give each other facials. Dip toes in a bubble bath and paint your nails. Give little neck massages between sessions and watch the giggles fly!

7. Afternoon tea Gather the lads and ladies and dress up for a special afternoon tea party! You can use juice or water instead of tea and create a platter of tiny cookies, bite-size veggies and fruit, and peanut butter finger sandwiches.An afternoon tea party on Valentines Day for kids

8. Hand-print art Craft time is fun when you get a little messy! Have kids make hand prints with red or pink paint, then create heart butterflies by dipping their thumbs in the paint to create two wings on the paper.

9. Caring coupons Have everyone create a caring coupon for each member of the family and exchange them. The coupon could be for a free hug, free help during dinner, free babysitting, etc.

10. Movie night Settle into Saturday night with your loved ones by popping some corn and watching a love-themed movie.  Its fun to share the love on valentines day for kids and take them on a mini-date. At my house we adore Shrek, The Lady and the Tramp and The Princess Bride.

Valentines Day note to self