Treat Yourselves

Treat Yourselves

Dec 21st 2010

Christmas party invitation

It’s Christmas time, so give me a break if you really think I am going to fret about every cookie I eat. And give YOURSELF a break too! Stop having guilt trips after every Christmas party you attend. That is no way to live! If you are going to stick 100% to your diet, then good for you! Do it and be proud! If you are going to stray a little bit, that is okay too! (Yes, you can breathe a sigh of relief.) Just feel confident in your decision to stray a bit! There is nothing worse than going against the grain and then fearing the repercussions the entire time.

So if you are going to give in by eating sweets all Christmas long, when the New Year comes, empower yourself in ANOTHER way by getting fit once more! Meet up with friends you want to stay in touch with and dive into a variety of exercises you enjoy! This will really make you feel revived and there are not guilt trips attached. Desserts are delicious and compliment life is many ways, but they should never permanently take control of who you are or how you feel about yourself. Christmas cookies and treats

So this Christmas I will have self-control (meaning I’ll eat 1 or 2 cookies a plate rather than 10), but that doesn’t mean I’ll have to deprive myself from all of the joys that come with the holidays! I’ll let myself live a little, and in the end if that means I’ll gain a few pounds then so be it. That’s what my New Years' Resolutions are for!