Throwing the Perfect Back-to-School Backyard Party

Throwing the Perfect Back-to-School Backyard Party

Jul 26th 2017

Make the beginning of a new year just as much fun as celebrating the end of the old one.

Happy parents, teachers, and kids celebrate the end of the school year and the start of summer vacation with outdoor parties, picnics, and barbecues.

When end-of-summer rolls around, and temperatures become more pleasant, why not wade into the new school year with the same fun and enthusiasm?

3 Ideas for Throwing the Perfect Back-to-School Backyard Party

1. School-Themed Food and Festivities: Serve school-type food in brown paper bags: sandwich, fruit, juice box, and a cookie. Set up tables with art supplies and oak tag paper so kids can decorate their own textbook covers. Refresh those summer brains with a game of science, history, and literature trivia. Play a boys-against-girls battle of the math flashcards. And don’t forget to allow party guests time for recess. Our SkyBounce enclosed trampolines are great for releasing that summer energy!

2. Back-to-School with a Cause: School supply lists can be long and expensive. If your family and friends are able to help less fortunate students in the community, how about throwing a party with a cause? Ask guests to bring a school supply item: paper, markers, notebooks, crayons, etc. Provide backpacks, either new and inexpensive or gently used donations. Have kids fill the backpacks with supplies. When the backpacks are filled, it’s time for everyone to eat and play!

3. Sleep Under the Stars: Nothing says back-to-school like the dreaded weekday curfew. Before the summer sun sets, invite guests to pitch a tent in your yard, build a bonfire, roast hot dogs, make marshmallow s’mores, tell some ghost stories, and decorate the trampoline with glow sticks! When dinner and activities are done, set up an outdoor movie theater, pop some corn, nestle into sleeping bags, and watch a favorite family flick under the stars.

Check out all the ways JumpSport® can help make any backyard get-together a success. Who knows? You may launch a new tradition!