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JS Fitness Trampoline Review

Jan 25th 2013

JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Review, by Mollie Zapata See the link to her work out and review here, & Happy Bouncing: … read more

The JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Excercise

Oct 30th 2012

BACKGROUND The Fitness Trampoline by JumpSport is an at-home workout option that includes a mobile mini trampoline and DVD workouts that correspond with it. The workouts are demonstrated … read more
Out and About, Summer 2012!

Out and About, Summer 2012!

Jul 12th 2012

With summer in full swing, I offer you a bucket list to make the most out of the season, enjoy! The summer is ripe for the picking and offers innumerable opportunities to engage our bodies, our minds … read more
Paddle Board Training

Paddle Board Training

Jun 20th 2012

Stand Up Paddle Boarding Training and Conditioning on the JumpSport Fitness TrampolineHave you taken a trip to the beach lately? Waterways, fresh and salty, are increasingly becoming dotted with verti … read more
National Dance Week: Move Your Body Freely

National Dance Week: Move Your Body Freely

May 1st 2012

Last week was National Dance Week and thousands of classes across the nation took part in celebrating the art of dance, so in case you missed out, read on! Dance by its very nature is ex … read more