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How to Puppy Proof Your New Home & Trampoline

May 11th 2016

Keep the newest member of your family safe! There’s just something about puppies. They’re like furry, running babies with no inhibitions and a sense of curiosity about everything as they settle into t … read more

Trampoline Winter Care

Jan 18th 2016

How to Winterize a Trampoline Congratulations! You just spent 3-5 hours installing one of the best family gifts you will ever buy. It is likely after you set up your new backyard trampoline … read more

11 Incredible Gymnastics Trampoline Videos

Nov 10th 2015

You won’t believe your eyes! Did you know that trampoline gymnastics is more than just a sport? It’s an Olympic sport! But even those of us who aren’t destined to win a gold medal can reap the bene … read more

Do my kids get enough exercise?

Sep 2nd 2014

Do you feel like you or your kids get enough exercise? Between caring for a toddler and an infant and working, it's difficult to find "me-moments" in the day for an exercise routine. I know my 2-year- … read more

Dogs, walking, parenting and trampolines…

Aug 18th 2013

Most of the blogs I write for JumpSport are about exercise or trying to stay healthy while balancing work and motherhood, etc. Being a new parent and only having one child, I try to steer clear of … read more

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