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Affordable Healthy Food

Feb 20th 2015

Affordable healthy food? What's that? It's one of the most common reasons people use for buying unhealthy foods over more nutritious options: the healthy foods are too expensive! Keeping the grocery b … read more

Grass-Fed Beef & Vegetarian Hens?

Aug 29th 2012

Every week, I receive an email from SeaBreeze Organic Farms.  This is thee place to get local meats, eggs, cheeses, milks, and more.  Usually the email begins with a “Don’t forget your coole … read more
Small Revolution Series: Try Bento boxes!

Small Revolution Series: Try Bento boxes!

Jun 6th 2012

The other day while surfing around on the endless TV channels, my children and I agreed to watch “Despicable Me."  My young cubs enjoyed half of the movie until they fell asleep and needed to … read more
Nutrition Series, 3 Vegetarianism

Nutrition Series, 3 Vegetarianism

Apr 5th 2012

Nutrition, Article 3 Vegetarianism & Vegan Eating Styles, with Brandi Thompson, RD In this third installment focusing in our nutrition series in honor of National Nutrition Month, we a … read more
Nutrition Series, 2

Nutrition Series, 2

Mar 28th 2012

Nutrition, Article 2 with Brandi Thompson, RD Ages and Stages: The Nutritional Needs of Children and Seniors The second article for National Nutrition month and our 3 part nutrition ser … read more