Feb 12th 2021

Game changing tips towards a better you and the environment. 

A daily routine doesn’t have to be a mundane task or rigid life practice. Here at the office when we hear routine, we typically think about a fun dance or HIIT routine on a JumpSport personal trampoline or the daily wellness routine of our busy work-from-home staff. But consider this, how many of you took advantage of your daily routine? You know, getting kids ready for school or packing your bag to take to the office; the drive there, listening to your favorite morning jam; the conversations and laughter at work; stopping at your favorite crowded restaurant for lunch or taking your kids for a treat after school.

We’ve become “homebodies,” not necessarily by choice, but we’ve had to change our daily lives due to a health related pandemic, which is no small adjustment. It’s much easier to roll into a zoom meeting with pajama bottoms and dry shampoo but is that what a “wellness routine” looks like? Our approach to daily wellness is making simple and positive changes for yourself and for your surrounding environment. Here are three tips to consider when you are re-evaluating what your daily wellness routine looks like.


With gym closures it is especially important that we don’t let ourselves sink down into sedentary living. Just move! A new exercise routine doesn’t have to be an intense workout- although that is not an unreasonable goal- but just a walk, dance, or trampoline jump (which are all low-impact activities) would be a healthy start. Jumping or rebounding is quickly becoming one of the fastest desired workouts because trampolines are accessible, affordable, and take up little room in a home or apartment. Rebounding has so many health benefits including cleansing the lymphatic system, increasing bone density, aiding in digestive health, burning fat, and much more; it is the superfood of exercise. It also increases adrenaline and releases endorphins so you feel energized and “happier” post workout!


Diet and exercise go hand in hand and if you’re fueling your body correctly, chances are you’ll feel the energy to start moving. Since we aren’t “social eating” as much, there are other ways of trying new power packed foods without going out. Food subscription boxes are a great way to get healthy, portioned food, learn new cooking techniques, and all with the convenience of being delivered straight to your door. Organic can also mean starting a garden and getting your family to chip in so that you all have an excuse to get out of the house. Food affects our mood and our mobility so we recommend taking care of yourself by avoiding inflammatory foods like breads and sugar.


Maybe you’ll feel energized enough to go on a cleaning binge? Cleaning up your diet and adding exercise are two great steps on the road to overall wellness; why not carry that into your whole environment including how you clean your home (and your trampoline). We turned to the founders of Branch Basics for an all natural and human healthy way to clean a JumpSport Fitness trampoline. We recommend their all-purpose or streak free cleaners for the best results!

Harsh chemicals found in cleaning products can be detrimental to our health and the products we clean with them. Our friends at Branch Basics believe in natural “clean” cleaning products that are:

  • Human safe
  • Plant & mineral based
  • Biodegradable
  • Not tested on animals
  • Non- GMO
  • No harmful preservatives
  • Fragrance free

If you’re looking for motivation and inspiration, we definitely recommend reading their company’s bio and how their healing lifestyle blossomed into Branch Basics, a company focused on wellness and the “Power of Pure.”

Take a moment to address your daily health and wellness routine. It’s February so we LOVE to remind our community of these three arenas of wellness; healthy heart, healthy diet, healthy mind. Where do we recommend you start? Well, we are a trampoline company so get your heart pumping by joining the bounce community on Instagram (@jumpsportfitness) all month long!

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