Olympic Trampolines 101: Everything Included

Olympic Trampolines 101: Everything Included

Jun 7th 2017

The sport of trampolining has quickly grabbed audiences' attention since its Olympic debut in 2000. Trampoline offers a unique combination of grace and skill, with athletes performing incredible acrobatic moves while soaring 30 feet into the air. These eye-opening routines make Trampoline a must-watch Olympic event and if you're anything like my family, the TV is tuned into every event almost all day long.

Most of these athletes train their whole lives and for the events like Trampoline. Our guess would be they got started on a outdoor trampoline and were immediately hooked! If you have a budding gymnast or your family has been inspired by the Olympics, consider one of our rectangle trampolines to encourage exercise and fun on a safe trampoline.

Olympic trampolines infographic