Make Rainy Days Fun With These 6 Activities

May 4th 2016

Girl with umbrella and fun ideas for kids on rainy days

Because you can’t always make the rain, rain go away and come again another day.

Sometimes a rainy day can spoil your plans — but why let the weather have all the power? Instead of letting it ruin things, why not change your plans and seize the day? Here are some ideas to make your next rainy day full of fun:

1. Movie night or day

 Movie day is one of the most relaxed ways a family can really bond with one another while still enjoying some fun. It’s such a simple idea: pop the popcorn, dim the lights, and stream a few of your favorites on Netflix. You all will be giggling in no time — but, shush! Don’t laugh over the movie.

2. Bake something sweet

 No one can resist a sweet treat, especially on a rainy day! Grab the sugar, flour, and eggs, and create a confection the whole family can enjoy. Don’t forget to let your little helpers lick the bowl. It’s the best part!

3. Family fitness day

 The family that plays together stays together. And sometimes exercise can be disguised as a great day of play! Weather you enjoy a wet, family aerobics session on your mini trampoline or you teach the kiddos some calming yoga, you’re taking a step in the right direction.

4. Play dress up

 Dress up is a fun way to celebrate a rainy day. Grab the kids’ old Halloween costumes or even find some of the old 80s hits in the way back of your closet. There’s no wrong way to have fun and play.

5. Crafts

 You might go small, like making some cute kids crafts — or you could go big by making an imaginary car or space ship from a giant box! They’re easy enough to find: just go to the grocery store or a local mall. With all the shipments that stores get in, they’re often happy to get rid of a box or two here and there.

6. Bring the fun outside

 No one ever made a rule that you have to spend your rainy days inside. If there’s no sign of thunder and lightning and the weather is warm enough, bring the party outside! Dress up in giant ponchos, slip on the rain boots, and get ready to get soaked! There’s no better way than splashing the day away.

 We’re big fans of families at Jumpsport, and we know that they come in all shapes and sizes. Whether that means you’re spending a rainy day inside or bouncing around outside on the next sunny (or wet) day, we’ve got your back. Because families always come first in our book.