How to Keep Kids Entertained on a Play Date

How to Keep Kids Entertained on a Play Date

Oct 18th 2017

DIY outdoor fun and other games your kids and the whole family will enjoy.

Kids love to play, but in today’s technology driven world it is becoming increasingly more difficult to get them to take advantage of the activities that exist outside. But perhaps it just means parents need to get more creative with introducing their kids to outdoor games that would make them want to ditch their screens for. Whether they’re DIY or quick online purchases, the following backyard games should help get your children excited about playing outside on their next play date.

Capture the flag

A popular game at summer camps, this classic game can keep your kids active and engaged for a considerable amount of time. It doesn’t require many tools: just more than a couple kids (to makeup two teams) and some type of “flag” (can even be a teddy bear or beach ball) that each team is required to protect. The object of the game is to capture the other team’s flag and successfully return it to home base without getting tagged. As soon as a player enters the other team’s “territory” (which can be separated with a towel or spray painting a line in the lawn) he or she risks getting tagged and is “out” from the rest of the game.


No matter how terrible your children’s jump shot is, everyone can find joy in a good, old-fashioned game of H-O-R-S-E. You’ll need a basketball hoop – any size will do, depending on your children’s ages – and at least two participants. Each player goes back and forth making shots into the basket. Once a basket is missed, the player receives a letter, H, O, R, S, or E. Once a player has spelled out HORSE, they have lost the game. The last player standing wins!

Scavenger hunt

There’s no more effective way to get your children to learn about all the fun that exists right in their neighborhood than with a scavenger hunt. Use whatever environment you feel comfortable with – your yard, a park, or a block on your street. Make your own list, or get a find a free printable list like these with lists specific to seasons, holidays, or other themes. Scavenger hunts work best in teams of at least two, but the more the merrier!


Tag is the perfect game for tiring out the kids during a play date. The rules are simple: let the kids chase one another. If they’re touched, they’re “it” and have to tag someone else to lose the responsibility. For extra encouragement, put them on a time limit. The person who’s left as “it” after a certain amount of time has a consequence!

Trampoline contests

This one requires a bit of a larger backyard area but will keep the entire family entertained for years to come. JumpSport’s outdoor trampolines include enclosures to keep your kids safe and full of fun games to play all year round. Whether it’s for exercise, to perfect their back flip, or just to chat while bouncing, these backyard trampolines are a great investment that will have your children re-introduced to the kind of fun that can only be found in the great outdoors. For play dates, make contests out of who can jump the highest or flip the farthest with refreshing popsicles as their prize.

If backyard trampolines sound like the perfect option for your family, explore our wide variety of backyard trampolines and accessories today!