How to Involve Kids in the Backyard Grilling Process

How to Involve Kids in the Backyard Grilling Process

Mar 6th 2017

Grilling with your children has many benefits

In many homes, grilling is a true family affair. Parents manages the grill and most of the food prep work, and the children manage any overflow tasks. Having the children involved teaches responsibility, independence and usually results in a funny story as an added bonus. Best of all, when they understand the work that goes into grilling they appreciate their juicy burgers a little bit more.

Child-friendly tasks

Safety is always a concern, but there is plenty to do to prepare for grilling that can be done in the kitchen. This includes:

  • Mixing ingredients
  • Setting the table
  • Transporting food from the kitchen to and from the grill or refrigerator
  • Holding the door open for mommy or daddy

These small jobs can be a big help and time saver. Plus, all of the novelty and back and forth is usually a little exciting for children.

Have some rules

Again, because safety is so important, you’ll want to be sure to lay down some ground rules before assigning your children with tasks. Some rules may include:

  • Absolutely NO running
  • Stay at least 5 steps back from the stove and grill unless an adult says otherwise
  • Leave the knives to an adult or older teen
  • Close the door behind you as to not let bugs in

Rules vary depending on your house’s layout and children’s age, but it is still important to communicate any rules before getting down to it.

Benefits of involving your children

There are several benefits for involving your children in the grilling process (or cooking in general):

  • They’ll learn to enjoy healthy foods: Grilling is generally a pretty healthy way of preparing food. If your children know they enjoy the food and that it’s healthy, they are more likely to choose healthier foods at and away from home. They’ll also have a better understanding of where food comes from and how important it is to eat foods that are good for us.
  • It gives them responsibility: Having set tasks makes your children feel like a part of the cooking process. It will help teach the responsibility of having a set job that matters, and they will get to see the tangible value of their actions – yummy food!
  • Helps build self-esteem: Anytime your kids get to be involved in something adults do, it shows that you believe they can do it. When they know you have faith in them, it encourages them to have more faith and confidence in themselves as well.
  • Improves creativity: If you involve your child from the very beginning, they can help decide what sides will go with the food on the grill to make a complete meal. Additionally, when your kids are comfortable around the grill and watch first-hand that food might not always turn out perfect, it helps them be less afraid of making mistakes, thus helping their creativity blossom. Letting your kids be involved in the entire grilling process gives them a chance to let their imagination run wild in a safe place.

And best of all, it gets your children playing outdoors and away from a screen. If you’re looking for other safe ways to get your children outdoors, look no further than JumpSport trampolines – with safety that lasts a lifetime!