Halloween Candy Alternatives for Healthier Kids

Oct 4th 2016

Healthy Halloween treat ideas including caramel apples

Because there’s nothing scarier than a (strong and healthy) little monster

Fall is finally here. And this time of year can mean only one thing—Halloween is right around the corner. And, as parents, we are always looking for ways to make sure our kids are living healthy little lives, eating lots of nutritious foods, and getting plenty of exercise. Especially at this time of year when the cold weather hits, runny noses start to take over, and everyone begins to break out all of the richer, fattier, sweeter foods. Health is definitely a top priority on our list.

Whether we’re working to boost our kids’ immune systems or getting them something a bit more nutritious, we are always interested in knowing some of the healthier alternatives to that sticky, icky Halloween candy they’ll be eating over the next few months. Need a few ideas? Here are a few of our favorites for keeping in the house or passing around to trick-or-treaters:

1. Caramel apples

Sure, it may be partially candy, but a caramel apple is actually the best of both worlds. They’re coated in a rich, buttery, sweet candy—but the inside is a fresh, healthy, tart apple that’s full of fiber and nutrients. Say hello to healthier, happier kids!

2. Chocolate coated almonds

We know — you’re noticing a pattern here. Just like caramel apples, a chocolate coated almond offers the best of both worlds. They’re just sweet and chocolatey enough, while still packing the punch of protein, essential in any growing kid’s diet. Give out dark chocolate covered almonds, and you move even that much more ahead!

3. Fruit leather strips

Whether they’re homemade or bought from a health food store, fruit leather is a tasty treat made with only 100 percent fruit or fruit juices. It’s gummy, chewy, sweet, and everything a kid wants in a candy—without actually being candy. They’ll never know the difference!

4. Honey sticks

Known as nature’s medicine, local honey is believed to help alleviate some pollen allergies. The sweet treat is also antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. Plus, since it’s naturally sweet, kids will love it!

5. Dried fruit

Going all out when it comes to healthy snacks? It doesn’t get much purer than dried fruit. One of our household favorites, mixing dried mangos, bananas, blueberries, and any other dried fruit is a sweet and healthy treat that our kids and the kids in the neighborhood love.

6. Popcorn

Who says all Halloween treats have to be sweet? Why not buy a few packs of organic air-popped popcorn or white cheddar popcorn to round out all that sugar your kids (and everyone else’s) are bound to be eating all night and week.

Keeping kids healthy means more than just eating well

While eating good foods is a huge component of overall well-being, staying active is another important part of keeping our kids healthy and happy. And sometimes, it can be hard to get our kids to go outside—especially once the weather starts turning. But one of the easiest ways to keep them active is by investing in tools they can use in any weather, like our favorite: a large outdoor trampoline. Check out our fun trampoline selections to help give your kids an exciting way to stay healthy!