Get More From JumpSport Fitness TV

Get More From JumpSport Fitness TV

Apr 29th 2021

New upgrades have arrived to JumpSport Fitness TV. This more advanced site improves your ability to find what you are looking for, provides faster video players and comes with over 200+ trampoline workout videos. New content is added weekly, so keep coming back for more!

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Filters & Search

New filters appear at the top of the Library page to help you find exactly what type of workout you’re looking for. You can now filter by Modality, Author, Duration, Level, Accessory, Body Focus, Language, and Live Workouts. The search bar is now easier to find and more sophisticated.

Color-coded Playlists

Title slides for each video are now color-coded to give you a quick visual indicator of what type of workout it is, Cardio, Interval, Sculpt, or Family.

Accessory Icons

Title slides also include icons indicating which accessories are used in the video. Typically these aren’t required, but can be helpful!

Fast Video Player

Our new video player is fast, with the ability to pop the player out of the window you’re in and switch tabs and screens without missing a beat.

New Apps Coming Soon

New apps for Apple iOS, Andriod Mobile, Roku, and Apple TV are in development. Stay tuned for app launch dates! If you signed up previously using an app, you will need to cancel that subscription and access your account through the website until the apps launch.