Fun and Safe Halloween Party Ideas

Oct 12th 2016

Halloween party ideas including a haunted trampoline tent

Keeping the kiddies safe while they have fun is as simple as one-boo-three!

Halloween is just around the corner, and that means it’s about that time of year when we start to plan all those great, ghostly parties filled with fun and games. Whether you’re into tricks or treats, why not throw a creepy party? And, by creepy, we don’t necessarily mean creepy doesn’t mean scary! We have some great ideas that will make for an awesome time for the whole family (and everyone’s friends, too!):

1. Pumpkin carving contest

There’s almost nothing more important on Halloween than a great jack-o-lantern. So why not have a few? In fact, we like hosting pumpkin carving contests during our Halloween parties for all to enjoy. It’s an exciting, competitive event that also leaves us with some amazing decorations!

Give contestants 40 minutes to carve whatever they want into a pre-prepped pumpkin (cleaning and removing the pulp and seeds before the party will save a lot of time and mess!). Be sure that everyone knows to be careful and to take their time. In fact, we usually only let teens and adults participate in this competition, as you need a pretty sharp knife to shape up your pumpkin.

2. Cookie decorating contest

Meanwhile, the kids who can’t participate can join in on the cookie decorating contest. Prepare by baking several pumpkin-shaped sugar cookies before the festivities begin. Then, set up stations with sprinkles, different color tubes of icing, and little candies. The kids won’t even know they missed out on pumpkin carving—they’ll be stoked about getting their hands on all the sweet stuff!

3. Backyard camping

There’s just something so enjoyable about spending a lot of time outside during fall; especially when friends are over! Instead of making everyone go home at the end of the night, sometimes we invite friends to spend the night under the harvest moon!

The kids always get a kick out of experiencing the great outdoors for the night—in the backyard! Don’t have a tent? Hate wrestling one while you put it up? Setting up camp is easier than ever before; all you need to do is set up a few of the kids right on the trampoline (which makes for a pretty cozy sleeping spot). Our BigTop Trampoline Tent has a canopy that’ll keep the kids feeling safe as they spend a creepy, haunted evening under the stars. They’ll have vivid memories of this Halloween party for years to come.

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