For the Love of Bugs!

Mar 2nd 2016

Fun bug craft ideas for kids

They’ll be bugging out over these fun and crafty ideas!

Kids are curious by nature and they tend to be curious about nature. They touch, play, and use their imagination to experience what’s around them and to learn about the world in a new way. And that’s important for kids as their brains continue to develop.


Kids are going to absolutely love this adorable craft: buggles! Making them is easy! All you need are clear glass pebbles, an old mint tin, googly eyes, some glue, and some fun-colored paper! Decorate the outside of the tin with paper, ribbons, or anything you’d like and let it dry.

Meanwhile, make your buggles. Cut out circles of the patterned or colored paper and glue it to the bottom of your glass pebbles. Stick a couple googly eyes on top and you’re already done! These buggles are cute and never creepy. Once everything dries, your little one can carry them around in their pocket!

Glowing Fireflies

Lightning bugs are one of the most magical species on the planet to kids, so why not make a few giant ones they can play with? You’ll need just a few simple materials for these including battery-operated tea lights, plastic Easter eggs, permanent markers and duct tape. Simply decorate the outside as you wish, using markers to draw their faces and duct tape to design their stick-on wings. Then, place the tea light inside the plastic egg and turn it on. Voila! You’ve got bugs in no time, and your bug-loving child will be ecstatic! Turn off the lights and watch ‘em glow!

Love bugs

Head to your nearest craft store and pick up a pack of pom poms, pipe cleaners, and regular glue. Building your love bugs is simple and fun! Pick three poms in your favorite colors and glue them together one piece at a time. Remember to hold them together for 1-2 minutes each while the glue hardens. Stick in your googly eyes and you’re good to go! These cute love bugs are the perfect way for kids to celebrate their love of bugs!

Ant farm

Having an ant farm is more a long-term hobby than a craft, but putting it together teeters on the side of crafty. It’s a fun way for bug-lovers to learn! Besides, you can get crafty with it by decorating the top of the glass or the area around the ant farm where you’re hoping to keep their “pets.” All you need is an ant farm set and anything you want to use to decorate it. Maybe glue on a few of your extra pom poms or paint a scene above the dirt. (How cute would grass, the sun, and the sky be?)

Get outdoors for more fun!

Kids tend to love bugs and most other things that belong outdoors. That’s because they learn and grow by exploring outside! Encourage them to spend a little extra time outside once the weather gets warmer. Help them get out there more with some exciting outdoor toys — like a giant outdoor trampoline!