Family Friendly Movies to Watch on Movie Night

Feb 17th 2016

Family watching a movie

The family that plays together stays together!

Family movie night is one of America’s favorite traditions. It’s the perfect way to bond together over a common interest: movies!! If you’re looking for the right choices to round up the family for, consider these fun and exciting movie options:

1. Inside Out

 An instant family classic, Pixar’s Inside Out takes you inside the mind of an elementary school girl in the middle of a big family move. You experience not only her rollercoaster of emotions, but also the reasons why she’s wired to react the way she does in certain situations. But the clever jokes and accurate depiction of the psychology behind her drive and motivations makes this flick fun for all ages. You even get a sneak peak into the mind of mom and dad every now and then!

2. The Visit

 Families come in all shapes and sizes, stemming from all different backgrounds and interests. Some families take great interest in having something scary on the screen as they surround themselves around the TV set. The problem with most scary movies is that they either have inappropriate scenes you’d never want to expose your children to, or they’re filled with gruesome, gory shots that take it a little too far.

 However, that’s not the case with this movie. Rated PG-13, you might consider this one appropriate for the bravest of all preteens and up. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t scary for both kids and parents alike. The movie starts with two kids taking a simple trip to their beloved grandparents’ house. What could ever go wrong? I won’t give away too much of the plot, but let it be known that this movie is perfect for any creepy family affair.

3. Finding Nemo

 If your family isn’t quite into the scary thing, try something a bit lighter. This classic tale covers all: love, loss, determination, sadness, fear, and more. Kids love the friendly and funny characters (after all, the hilarious Ellen DeGeneres is Dory), while adults love the lessons children learn through this tale. They’ll learn family values and the benefits of never giving up on your goals — just keep swimming!

 It may not be the first Disney flick set “unda da sea!” but it sure is a family favorite for little girls and boys alike.

Family night done right

 Family time is important because the family that plays together stays together! Whether it’s a family movie night, family game night, camping night, or just a cookout, spending more time with your family bonds you together. Looking for more fun together? Enjoy some exercise on your very own trampoline together and seal the bond your family has grown over the years.