Easy and Quick Backyard Design Ideas to Transform Your Outdoor Space

Easy and Quick Backyard Design Ideas to Transform Your Outdoor Space

Dec 20th 2017

Want to have the best house on the block? Think about adding these outdoor elements.

A family’s home doesn’t end outside the four walls. Your backyard can create added value, more space, and more fun to your home, whether you want to cook, relax, or entertain friends and family. The opportunities are endless for how you can decorate and design your backyard to suit the needs of the entire family. Here are a few ideas you might want to consider.


For a backyard, atmosphere is everything. The first step to creating a relaxing environment that can make you feel as if you’re on vacation: music. There are countless outdoor speaker systems available to help drown out the world around you and enjoy your private outdoor space. Play your favorite song, sip a glass of your favorite drink, close your eyes, and let your mind drift away.


Lighting is an essential part of creating the ideal atmosphere for your backyard. If your patio is lacking in the lighting department, consider adding string lights to the beams to create a peaceful and comfortable ambiance. Depending on where you live, adding a ceiling fan can help provide an extra source of lighting while also cooling down your space in the summer months.


Televisions are everywhere else in your house, why not in your backyard? Adding a TV will encourage you to sit outside and stay awhile, especially on crisp, fall nights. Be sure to get a weather-resistant TV, which range in price and size, and attach it somewhere that can be visible from every corner of the patio – and especially positioned for the one manning the grill.


A garden is the easiest and most versatile option to spruce up your backyard. Gardens can be customized to fit any design style and preference, whether your backyard has a western, rustic look or a modern, industrial undertone. If you want to really experiment, consider trying your luck at a fruit or vegetable garden.


Especially if you can’t add music, another way to create more privacy and drown out outside noise is by adding a water feature to your backyard. The soothing sounds of trickling water create a calming effect that can leave you feeling very relaxed. There are several different options for adding an element of water to your cozy backyard – whether it’s a small fountain on top of your patio table, a water fountain running into a pool, or installing a large fountain in the middle of the backyard. If space doesn’t allow for something big, smaller water fountains and ponds can be found at hardware stores and are generally easy to install.


Adding some fun to your backyard is the perfect way to encourage your kids to play outdoors, and make it the go-to backyard for play dates. Adding a trampoline to your backyard is not only fun, but also provides easy exercise for the entire family! JumpSport’s outdoor trampolines come in different sizes to fit any backyard. Best of all, they have been keeping children safe for over 20 years.

Explore all of JumpSport’s backyard trampoline options that will add some excitement to your backyard and provide daily fun and exercise for the whole family.