Backyard Bird Feeders: A Great Teaching Tool for Kids

Backyard Bird Feeders: A Great Teaching Tool for Kids

Mar 22nd 2017

Kids making creative backyard bird feeders

How to make creative bird feeders

We love to feed the birds that have found a home in our backyard. It’s become a game in the family to see what the birds enjoy eating the most. Making bird feeders with the kids is a great activity to get them outside and thinking creatively. Plus, it can be educational learning about the different birds that come by to eat. There are so many great ideas for bird feeders that you can make with your children. Here are some of our favorites:

Bagel bird feeder

If your children are willing to share, leftover bagels have been a proven tasty snack for the birds. All you need is a bagel, peanut butter, birdseed, and some string or ribbon. Pull the string/ribbon through the center of the bagel and tie it. Let the kids spread the peanut butter on the entire outside of the bagel and roll the peanut buttered bagel into birdseed. Voila, you’re done! Then simply tie the bagel to a tree and wait patiently for the birds to arrive.

Toilet paper roll feeder

You don’t need to use bagels from the house in your bird feeder if you don’t want to. Instead, use a hole punch to make two holes at the top of a toilet paper roll (the adult’s responsibility) and tie a pipe cleaner through it (for tree hanging). Then, cover the toilet paper roll with peanut butter (the kid’s responsibility) and roll it in birdseed. This can get a bit messy so it’s best to do everything outside. You’ll have birds flocking within minutes!

Recycled bottle feeder

The next time you have take-out silverware you plan to throw out and a water bottle that’s destined for the trash – keep them to turn into a bird feeder! Take a small water bottle and cut or punch four holes into it. Then get extra creative by decorating the bottle and plastic spoons any way you’d like. Use paint, pens, markers, or even crayons to add some pizzazz to your feeder. If you’re using a water bottle, you might want to avoid decorating the bottom of the water bottle so you’ll be able to see when the birdseed is low. Once you’re done decorating, insert the spoon through the holes of the bottle and remove the bottle lid to fill with birdseed. Replace the lid, tie string or ribbon around the top of the bottle and let your feeder hang high!

Cereal feeder

If you don’t have or don’t want to buy seed, birds enjoy cereal just as much as your kids do (or maybe more)! All you’ll need to do is thread Cheerios (or any other cereal) through a pipe cleaner and bend one end of it (so the cereal doesn’t fall off). Make a loop at the top to hang on the tree and you’re done! This one is so quick and easy that your children can even make it all by themselves and build their fine motor skills at the same time.

Creating bird feeders and watching your efforts reap rewards is a fun and safe activity for the family to do, especially since it gets the kids outdoors. Learn other ways to get your kids outdoors and more on JumpSport’s blog. You’ll not only find fun and safe outdoor products but great ideas for activities to do with your children as well.