Awesome DIY Halloween Costumes on a budget

Oct 15th 2014

Shoppers will spend $2.8 billion on Halloween costumes this year, according to the National Retail Federation's Halloween Consumer Spending Survey. But spending loads of dough isn't' for everyone, since 20 percent of people plan on making costumes this year.

I am all about fun Halloween costumes that don't break the bank, especially for the kids who will only wear them once. Here are 10 awesome DIY Halloween costumes that cost little to nothing to create:

1. Bag of candy Start with a large clear plastic bag and cut leg holes in the bottom. Wear over comfy clothes and fill with small colorful balloons. Tie at the neck to close the candy bag and you're set.

2. Rosie the Riveter Why not dress up with your daughter? Wear blue jeans and a denim top with the sleeves rolled. Tie back hair and finish with a red bandana. Don't forget to flex that right bicep! Who doesn't own a par of jeans right? These are perfect DIY Halloween costumes.

3. Ghost All you need for a ghost costume is a white sheet. if you prefer to not cover your face, simply cut a head hole and paint your face white. Boo!

4. Fortune teller Create a mysterious gypsy look with layered scarves, skirts and jewelry you already have. Finish with crystal ball for a mystifying appearance.

5. Athlete You probably have all sorts of gear around your house, so why not use it for Halloween? Soccer, football, baseball, gymnastics and more; the sky is the limit!

6. Waldo Where's your kid? Oh yeah, over there in the white and red striped shirt, blue jeans, stocking cap and black-rimmed spectacles.

7. Robot A cardboard box and a few rolls of tinfoil is all you need for the makings of an incredible robot costume for kids big and small.

8. Gnome Create a red cone hat out of felt and wear a belted blue long-sleeved shirt stuffed with a pillow to create a jolly happy gnome belly. Finish with a fuzzy brown beard made from material or face paint.

A Jellyfish is a great DIY Halloween costume

9. Jellyfish Grab a white or clear umbrella and connect long strips of bubble wrap, ribbon and fabric on the edge to create the stingers. These simple DIY Halloween Costumes will look elegant gracefully moving down the sidewalk!

10. Detective A beige trench coat, a magnifying glass and a pretend pipe make for a stellar detective costume. Use items you have at home or visit your local thrift store and save.

Want more ideas for fun affordable Halloween costumes? These are my three favorite go-to resources:

  • Pinterest - DIY Halloween costumes with plenty of good photos
  • RealSimple - easy and cute costume ideas for kids
  • Parenting - unique homemade costumes with simple steps