A NYTimes Writer and Mom Discovers G-Tramp

A NYTimes Writer and Mom Discovers G-Tramp

Aug 27th 2018

Over 70,000 Instagram posts from tween and teen flippers reveals a growing trend in backyards everywhere.

In self edited instagram videos, young teens are launching off their backyard trampoline, into the air with 3-4 other friends watching as they flip, spin, and complete rotations faster than even I can count. This may not be new to some in the extreme sports generations, but now, young athletes completing self-taught tricks and flips on a trampoline have an online social community to share and expand their knowledge.

In a recent New York Times article the G-Tramp community is unmasked through the eyes of writer and mother of an aspiring G-Tramp athlete. The article articulates the motivation, camaraderie, safety, and grassroots enthusiasm similar to that of the BMX, skate, and snowboard revolutions. Read the full article at >