5 Unique and Tasty Campfire Snacks

Jan 25th 2017

Healthy campfire snack options

Healthy options for families who want to enjoy the great outdoors (and a delicious twist on a campfire classic!)

Now that winter is halfway over, it’s time to start thinking about spring. I’ll be the first to admit I’m always surprised by how quickly the time goes by. That’s why I like to start thinking ahead to plans for the next season. And the return of spring can only mean one thing: Time for more campfires — and the right snacks to go with them.

If you’re looking for solutions a bit healthier than s’mores, I’ve got a few tasty snacks on this list especially for you.

1. Toasted nuts

All you need are raw nuts (choose your favorite!), aluminum foil, and a little salt. Fire toasted nuts are a family favorite at our house, and they’ll be one at yours before you know it, too! They’re a simple, light, protein-packed snack that will keep the family full, healthy, and happy all at the same time. Make sure you remove the shells before roasting them for a quicker cook time.

2. Baked apples

We also love chowing down on these sweet baked apples with our kids around the campfire. All you need are a few apples, some nuts and dried fruit, and aluminum foil —and a pinch of sugar if you like it extra sweet. Slice the apples in half, core out the seeds, and replace them with dried berries, nuts, sugar, and whatever else you like. When you’re done, wrap them in aluminum and place them in the fire to caramelize and soften. (Pro-tip: pre-sliced apples that can be stored in your cooler are perfect if you’re not in your backyard).

3. Veggie kebabs

Almost everyone we know loves kebabs. Why wouldn’t they? They are delectable sticks of meat and veggies, full of flavor and nutrients. Since campfires don’t always guarantee even cooking, we suggest going with just the vegetable variety. They’re a fun and interactive way to enjoy a snack around the fire. Stick your favorite grill-worthy veggies on a marshmallow stick and get ready for roasted perfection. Yum!

4. Campfire cobbler

Choose your favorite fruit, mix in some honey, and cover it with a can of biscuits. Wrap the entire thing in aluminum foil and place over the fire. It’s going to be a sweet, flavorful, treat full of fiber and antioxidants. This cobbler can also be made with canned pie mix — get the recipe here.

5. Bacon s’mores

If you want a fun twist on a classic treat when you’re cozying up around the campfire with your family, try a bacon s’more. Simply add crispy bacon on top of the marshmallow and chocolate before topping with the graham cracker. If you thought you’d want some more before, just wait until this tasty treat hits your taste buds!

Get roasting outdoors with your family this spring.

I’d love to hear about the ways you and your family are planning to spend more time outside this spring. No matter how you spend your backyard family time, we hope you make it the best time possible.

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