5 Unexpected Themes for the Perfect Backyard Party

Sep 26th 2016

Families at a backyard party

Take your party to the next level with these new and exciting ideas

When it’s time to throw a party, we’re big proponents of throwing the best one possible. And that means making the gathering as fun and unique as possible. No more pool parties, wine and cheese get-togethers, or giant slip-and-slides—these are some truly fresh and unexpected themes to borrow for your next outdoor soiree:

1. Karaoke competition

Between America’s Got Talent, The Voice, and other competition shows, more people are experimenting with their ability to perform. That’s why we can’t resist going all out to host karaoke competitions among our friends. Our friends love getting together for this carefree-type fun— and we love watching everyone belt out what they’ve got. As parents, we also love seeing our little ones come out of their shell onstage.

Don’t have a stage where everyone can perform? Sometimes, you’ve got to get a little creative! Let participants show off their skills on a gazebo, deck, or even on top of a trampoline—which will only make performances that much more interesting!

2. Fur baby birthday bonanza

We all deserve to get pampered at least once a year , especially on our birthdays! So why wouldn’t we give our pets a birthday party just like any other member of the family? From dog kibble BBQ to doggie-friendly cakes, we’re huge fans of showing our pups and other pets just how special they are when their birthday or adoption day comes around.

3. Formal tea party

We all remember the old tea party days: usually as a child, we’d pretend to have a tea party with kid-sized china; water would substitute the tea. But, as adults, we prefer to go all in with a real tea party — no pretending this time. And we’re not talking just any tea party. We mean the real deal! High tea is a classy, elegant, and fun way to celebrate with friends. Plus, everyone loves a good excuse to get dressed in their Sunday best every now and then. Hello, sundresses and suits!

4. Harvest party

If you’re anything like us, you’ve spent a lot of time in the garden this summer. And that’s great news for anyone looking for fresh, local, and healthy foods: because it means that a harvest party is just around the corner! Whatever we’re able to pull up from the garden is what we’ll serve. Yummy!

5. Olympics competition

If you kids were as inspired by this summer’s events as we were, then you’ll be on your way to a gold medal-worthy party in no time. Our favorite part of the competition? Gymnastics, of course! Our big and bouncy outdoor trampoline the perfect accessory an Olympics-themed event. Don’t have one at your place? Check out our selection and you’ll be able to change that problem in no time! Feel free to reach out with any questions today.